Won Tae-in, ‘adapting to the WBC official ball’, found a clear answer from Buchanan 

Pitchers selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team are in the midst of adapting to the WBC official ball. 

The WBC uses the Major League ball as the official game ball. There is a subtle difference from the KBO league official ball. Pitchers unanimously say, “It is bigger and slippery (than the official KBO league ball).” 

Won Tae-in (23・Samsung), the ‘blue-blooded ace’ who was named Lee Kang-cheol-ho, is also working hard to adapt to the official ball. The state of using all the WBC official balls provided by the KBO while practicing with the official ball from individual training in Florida, USA. 

Won Tae-in went to David Buchanan, a foreign pitcher, to adapt to the WBC official ball more quickly. 

Won Tae-in, who usually describes Buchanan as “a teacher-like being” and eagerly learns Buchanan’s strengths, asked Buchanan about his know-how on adapting to the WBC official ball and found a clear answer. 

“When I asked Buchanan, he said it was the same (with the official ball in the KBO League). He said don’t think it’s different, just do it with the same feeling and it won’t be a big problem. In a way, it can be more correct (than슬롯사이트 the KBO league official ball). They said it was okay to throw the same instead of thinking differently.” Won Tae-in’s words. 

Won Tae-in, who is participating in the camp in Okinawa, Japan, returns home on the 12th and heads to Arizona, USA, the camp site of the WBC team, on the 14th. 

He expressed confidence, saying, “I haven’t fully adapted to the official ball yet, but if I go to Arizona and continue throwing it, I will get used to it.” 

Current condition is good. On the 11th, against the Chunichi Dragons, he showed off a perfect pitch with 2 scoreless innings (3 strikeouts). He was shot with a speed gun up to a maximum speed of 146 km. In fact, Chunichi hitters have seen their bats pushed by Won Tae-in’s fastball several times. 

Won Tae-in said, “I pitched as a test, and he threw with strength and threw a breaking ball as a test. He quickly raised his pace, so there was a scene where the opponent’s batter’s bat was pushed. Definitely better than his previous years. He said, “There are more factors that will improve in the future, and I look forward to it myself.”  

Won Tae-in, who boarded the WBC national team that he so much wanted, said, “I have been called up to the national team, but it is the first time to join the camp. In a way, I think there is a lot to learn from the gathering of the best players. As much as we came together with one heart and one mind, I hope he can work hard and achieve good results.

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