Will Sabitzer replace Eriksen on ’emergency loan’? Once the stats pass!

Can Marcel Sabitzer replace Christian Eriksen?

British media ‘Sky Sports’ compared the stats of Christian Eriksen and Marcel Sabitzer on the 2nd (Korean time). It is a record from the 2021-22 season to this season.

Eriksen was injured in a rough tackle on Andy Carroll in a recent game. Local media predict that a recovery period of at least three months is required. It is an injury that can end this season if it goes wrong for up to four 메이저사이트 months.

Accordingly, Man Utd urgently recruited attacking midfielder Mercy. Sabitzer, who was active at Bayern Munich, immediately accepted the loan offer from Manchester United and left for Manchester. So, can Sabitzer replace Eriksen?

If you look at the stats, you pass. Passes per game are higher for Eriksen at 55 and for Sabitzer at 65. The pass accuracy is also slightly high at Eriksen 82% and mercy difference 84%. Final third area pass number 20 is the same for both players.

Eriksen has 2 chances per game and Xavier 1, but Eriksen has 71 ball touches per game and Xavier 83. Based on this record alone, it seems that Sabitzer will be able to fill Eriksen’s vacancy.

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