An American professional football (NFL) player who fell unconscious in a collision during a game overcame the crisis and began to recover in three days. Watching the accident live, the whole of America, who was in his heart, is relieved.

<AP> (AP) reported on the 6th (Korean time), “Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin (24), who suffered a cardiac arrest three days ago, began communicating in writing with family and medical staff who were guarding his bedside.” The media then reported that a conscious Hamlin asked, “Who won the game?” and the doctor replied, “You are the winner, Damar. You have won the game of life.”

A doctor at the University of Cincinnati Hospital, where Hamlin is staying, said, “Hamlin is still in critical condition and is in intensive care, but he started waking up on Wednesday night and his neurological function appears to be intact.” It has passed a very positive turning point.” The cause of Hamlin’s cardiac arrest is still unknown, and it is unknown whether he will return to play.

Hamlin was shocked by a collision with an opponent during the first quarter of the Cincinnati Bengals and Bills game held at Peico Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on the 3rd, and fell down and could not get up. Reuters reported that “textbook” CPR first aid by the club’s assistant trainer Denny Kellington immediately after the cardiac arrest was decisive. Bills manager Sean McDermott hailed him as a “hero.”

Americans who watched the shocking accident in real time are in a relaxed mood. US President Joe Biden retweeted the news of the Bills club containing the news of Hamlin’s recovery and said, “This is good news. Damar, as I told your mother and father yesterday, Jill (Biden) and I, along with all of America, are praying for you and your family.” Everyone from movie star Dwayne Johnson to Cincinnati elementary school students cheered for Hamlin. 안전놀이터

In addition, the Pro Football Secretariat decided not to resume the game that was suspended due to this accident. The Bengals and Bills have already qualified for the playoffs by placing first in the American Football Conference (AFC) Northern and Eastern Divisions, respectively. This is because the result between the two teams does not affect the other team’s advance to the playoffs, but if the end schedule is delayed by restarting the game, the other team will be harmed.

American professional football will wrap up the regular season schedule for the last 18 weeks next week and enter the playoffs. Hamlin’s father said to Bills, “Go back to the original club goal and focus (on the game). Hamlin would have wanted to do that too.”