Tottenham, who left for a while, ‘exploited in a rare era’… eventually comes back again

Tanguy Ndombele (27), who left Tottenham and moved to Naples on loan, is expected to return to Tottenham after the season. This is because the possibility of a complete transfer is slim because he has not been able to find a place in Naples, but even if he returns, the remaining contract with Tottenham is two years, so it is expected that he will need another troublesome release.

Italy’s Area Napoli said on the 16th (Korean time), “It is almost certain that Napoli will not activate the option to sign Ndombele,” and said, “Therefore, Ndombele is destined to return to Tottenham as soon as this season ends.”

Previously, Tottenham and Napoli included a transfer option for 30 million euros (approximately 41.4 billion won) in Ndombele’s one-season loan contract. It was an option that could have been made if Napoli wanted to sign Ndombele, but it is analyzed that Napoli will not trigger this clause.

This is because Ndombele is not taking his place in Napoli. Although he has made 20 league appearances this season스포츠토토, he has only been given a starting chance in six. His league appearances are only 16th even within the team at 542 minutes. Napoli are trying to win with overwhelming momentum this season, but the fact that Ndombele’s name is rarely mentioned means that his influence is low.

Naturally, Napoli also do not need to recruit Ndombele. Even if Ndombele has often shown good performances, it was not up to the consistent performance expected by the club, and the local explanation is that the transfer fee, which is set at 30 million euros, is too excessive for Napoli.

At least, if Napoli wants to sign Ndombele even if the transfer fee is lowered, they can set up a negotiating table with Tottenham, but it is unclear whether the signing itself will be considered because it is not a semi-previous situation. The fact that there is a high possibility of recruiting better resources by adding a Serie A winning premium after the season is also cited as a reason why there is no reason to be active in signing Ndombele.

Naturally, Ndombele is expected to return to Tottenham after the season. The problem is that if you look back at his recent career at Tottenham, there is a high possibility that he will be on the re-release list right away. Ndombele always caught the attention of the commanding towers with his insincere attitude as well as his ups and downs. Eventually, in the second half of last season, he went on loan to Olympique Lyon, and this season, too, he had to nest in Naples.

Even at the end of the season, as his contract remains for two years, Tottenham is in a situation where he has to push for the release or lease of Ndombele again. However, it is unclear whether it will be easy to find a new destination, as not only Tottenham, but also recent performances in Lyon and Naples have not been very impressive. Tottenham, who had a headache over Ndombele’s whereabouts every time it was a transfer market, is bound to repeat the same situation again.

Ndombele is a midfielder who transferred from Lyon to Tottenham in July 2019 for a transfer fee of 60 million euros (approximately 82.8 billion won). Ndombele’s transfer fee is still the highest transfer fee ever for the Tottenham club, but except for the 2020-2021 season, it has always been pushed out of power and has been regarded as a ‘freak out’. “Tottenham have made costly mistakes in the transfer market over the past few years, but none have cost more than Ndombele,” Spurs Webb said.

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