Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon’s ‘Korea’s first meal’ was sundae soup

Upon arriving in Korea, St. Louis’s Tommy Hyeonsu Edman, who was the first Korean major leaguer to wear the Taegeuk mark, had a great time eating sundae soup with his teammates.

Edmund arrived at Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 1st to participate in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) as a member of the Korean national team. 

Edmund, who is playing as an infielder in St바카라사이트. Louis in the US Major League, was born to an American father and a Korean immigrant mother, and his nationality is American, but half of his blood flows in Korean. 

Edmund showed off his affection for Korea to the extent that he said to his wife, a Japanese woman, “When fighting between Korea and Japan, you must support Korea, not Japan.” 

Edman knows about Korean food and culture through his mother, but this is his first visit to Korea. 

Even though he faced his mother’s country for the first time, Edmund seems to have adapted to Korea right away, even eating sundae soup with his teammates. 

On the 1st, Na Seong-beom of the Korean national team shared a photo of eating with his teammates after entering Korea with the words “Good times with good people” on his SNS. . 

In the photo, Edmund was caught eating a bowl of sundaegukbap and steamed rice at a table, confirming that he had already adapted to Korean food.

Afterwards, photos of Edmund spending time together while drinking coffee with Changmo Koo and Seongbeom Na were released.

While Edmund, who coach Lee Kang-cheol picked as the starting second baseman, is expected to join the Korean national team normally and become a big help at the WBC, the fact that he has no objection to Korean food such as sundaegukbap is expected to help him adapt to the national team.

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