“The unsurpassable top 3 is the goal”… Preparing for the new season of Koo Ja-cheol

Veteran midfielder Koo Ja-cheol, who was highly anticipated after returning to the K-League after 11 years last season, expressed his determination for the new season.

He said he would like to play without injury and put Jeju into a solid top 3.

Reporter Park Ji-woon met Koo Ja-cheol.


Professional football Jeju United started winter training in preparation for the upcoming season.

Koo Ja-cheol, who returned to his home team in the K-League after 11 years last season, has a different resolution.

He said that he wanted to finish the season without injury this time, as he was unable to play well due to frequent injuries and left regrets.

<Koo Ja-cheol / Jeju United> “First of all, I think it’s important to be with the team to keep the team cruising this season by reducing injuries. To welcome the fans who come to the stadium in good condition and with good performance…”

After Jeju was promoted to the 1st division, For two years, they maintained 4th-5th place in the league.

‘Veteran’ Koo Ja-cheol’s goal is to put Jeju in the ‘three unrivaled’ after Jeonbuk and Ulsan, who are competing for first place. 안전놀이터

<Koo Ja-cheol / Jeju United> “I don’t want to focus on those two teams (Jeonbuk-Ulsan).

Han Jong-moo, born in 2003, was the youngest scorer in the 2022 K-League as a junior who is expected to play an active role in Jeju.

<Koo Ja-cheol/Jeju United> “I think that Jong-moo performed well beyond his ability in his first year despite his young age. I think he showed another bright future for himself and our club.”

Koo Ja-cheol, who played with the Taegeuk mark for 10 years until 2019, is already in his mid-30s, so the year when he can play on the ground with his juniors is inevitably precious.

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