The desire to win is ‘Wolcle’… ‘Port Trick’ Ronaldo misses the 5th goal ‘falls down and rage’

The desire to compete

is still ‘world class’. Cristiano Ronaldo, who exploded 4 goals in this match, missed his 5th goal and was angry.

Al Nasr won a 4-0 victory over Al Wahda in the 16th round of the Saudi Professional League in the 2022-23 season held at the King Abdul Aziz Stadium in Mecca, Saudi Arabia at 2:30 am (Korean time) on the 10th. Al-Nasr added 3 points to keep first place in the league (37 points).

Ronaldo finally 메이저사이트exploded. Ronaldo started on this day and led the team to a complete victory with his superpowers, scoring as many as four goals. In the last game, he reported a beastly goal with a penalty kick (PK), but he showed that he was not dead yet by completing a ‘port trick’ with a field goal.

His unique sense of goal shined. Although he did not have a flashy dribble, he shook the opponent’s net with accurate penetration. All three goals, excluding the PK, were scored by Ronaldo’s instinct to rush into a position where he could receive a pass from his teammate. The first goal was a perfect offensive work created by linking up with a teammate, and in the fourth goal scene, the goalkeeper showed concentration to push the ball back.

I was hungry nonetheless. Ronaldo had another chance in the 45th minute of the second half when the game was nearing its end. Instead of being greedy, he put in a left-footed pass towards Abdullah Garib, who was closer to the goal. However, it was rather long and the ball passed between the goalkeeper and Garib and flowed straight out.

Then, the unique desire to win came out. Ronaldo threw himself on the field, clutching his face, and vented his anger by banging his fist on the grass. At first glance, he seemed to resent his teammates for missing an assist of his own. It was a symbolic scene showing that Ronaldo is still thirsty for attack points.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo achieved a record of over 500 goals in all leagues through this match. In his career, he scored a whopping 824 points. Nevertheless, Ronaldo is still thirsty. Although the value may decrease a little because it was not completed in the top 5 European leagues, Ronaldo’s desire to score still continues.

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