The defense organization has been ‘UP’, but… Two things that Pepper Savings Bank regrets

Received well and connected well. But there are two things I miss. These are the parts that need to be addressed in order to harvest the ‘3 wins’ of the season.

Pepper Savings Bank lost with a set score토토사이트 of 1-3 in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League IBK Industrial Bank held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 1st. After losing 0-3 in the last match of the 4th round, they lost again in the revenge match and failed to hunt for points.

The start was good. At the beginning of the first set, the defensive concentration stood out. After defending the opponent’s attack for the first time with blocking, he kicked the ball up with dig. After taking the lead, he took the set ahead without allowing a comeback. However, I lost 2-4 sets. The performance was good, but it was one step short of reaching victory.

I was caught in the crime room. I won the first set, but poured out 11 mistakes. During the 4th set, he recorded 26 errors, 11 more than IBK Industrial Bank (15).

The problem is when the crime room came out. Pepper Savings Bank often dedicated points in vain due to problems with ‘call’ signs between players during rallies, as well as serving errors. In a situation where they followed one by one, every time they were asked to play out in a tie, a mistake came out and they could not continue the flow. Lee Kyung-soo, acting coach of Pepper Savings Bank, said, “The flow is cut off and the players are struggling with the sluggish room.”

The second is decisiveness. Pepper Savings Bank recruited Oh Ji-young, a national representative, through a trade and is seeing results. Taking the lead in raising organizational power while holding the center of defense from the rear. On this day, he successfully completed 53 digs, setting a personal record. The dig success rate was excellent at 93%.

But the decision was disappointing. Niared was responsible for the most 30 points (34.18% success rate) for both teams, but most of it was to soothe the ball in an open situation. It’s definitely not the look of leaning on an outsider who has to take the lead in a big attack. Acting Lee said, “It is good if the attack finishes well, but it is difficult. Can’t swing or jump position in the open. Just pass the chance ball. If Nia Reid hits the ball better after defending, I think the players will be more excited.”

Pepper Savings Bank, which is aiming for its 3rd win of the season, will meet GS Caltex, which won in the 4th round, at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 6th. 

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