Thank Goodness For Our Snowmakers

It was a great opening weekend, all things considered. Cold weather was in short supply leading up to opening day and our snowmaker’s did what they could to lay down snow. There were many long hours logged and a lot of wet snowmakers tromping around on the hill constantly adjusting snowguns to keep up with the marginal (and rising) temperatures. The snow they were able to make was heavy and wet, which is the type of snow you get when temps are so warm.

Saturday night the temps finally 바카라dropped into the teens. Perfect weather for making snow. When I asked our head snowmaker Sunday morning how things went over night he simply said “Great. It was the first night we were able to make snow.” A telling comment about the conditions they labored through for the nights leading up to opening and how they felt about the substance coming out of the snow guns.

Despite the challenges that mother nature threw at them, they soldiered on and piled up the heavy, wet snow during the nights leading up to opening day. The skiing and riding was better than most expected with both Bear Run and Mighty Mite featuring wall to wall snow. Our park crew even created an impromptu mini-park on the side of the Mighty Mite. While we were limited to just a couple of runs and one park feature on opening weekend, it was just good to be back on snow.

We’ll be closed to start the week but plan to re-open on Saturday. We’re trying to preserve the snow that we do have on the mountain. Our snowmakers are at the ready and will be back on the hill as soon as temperatures permit. Until them pray for snow, or at least cold temps so our guys can make more snow.

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