‘Surprise No. 1’ Abercrombie sees ‘responsibility’ rather than pressure…”Strength is quick thinking”

“No pressure. I feel responsible for the team.”

Abecrombie was selected by IBK head coach Kim Ho-cheol with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023-2024 Professional Volleyball Women’s Foreign Player Draft. Kim appreciated her attacking range and left-handedness.

It was an “unconventional pick,” but Kim said, “She’s the best fit for the team’s situation where we need to play speed volleyball. We could have picked a taller player, but we chose someone who can match up well with our setter.”

Since landing in Korea last month, Abercrombie has been integrating into the IBK team. “I’m a very shy person,” he told us recently at IBK’s Giheung Training Center. I hide my face, but all the players came to me first, so I got to know them. It’s okay if you get used to it,” he laughed, adding, “I’m almost used to living in Korea. Everything is well organized and efficient, so I didn’t have much trouble adjusting.”

According to Kim, Abercrombie has been showing off the different angles he can hit left-handed in training. While he hasn’t fully developed his power yet, the benefits of his extra height are clear. “He’s not asking me to do anything in particular. I’m still finding my rhythm. I need to build up my strength and power to be more aggressive. If we train consistently before the season, we have plenty of time to prepare.”

IBK finished as runners-up in the 2023 KOVO Cup, which concluded last month. They lost to GS Caltex in the final, but it was enough to build anticipation for next season. “Everyone on the team works hard in their respective positions,” said Abercrombie. I feel like I’m getting better through training. I see the strengths of my teammates. I feel good about the season,” she said of the positives.

“It’s a good league with a tight defense, so I think playing volleyball in Korea will be a new and valuable experience and a challenge for me. I think it’s a challenge that will help me in my life,” she said about the Korean League.

In the V-League, foreigners can make or break a team’s year. Abercrombie, the No. 1 overall pick, is no exception. “I’m grateful to be the first name called, but I don’t feel any pressure. I just feel a responsibility to the team. I’m sure it’s the same for all foreigners,” he said emphatically.바카라

IBK has selected Thai national team setter Ponpun for the Asian quarterfinals. Abercrombie also expressed his excitement about Phonpun joining the team after the Hangzhou Asian Games: “She’s a very popular player. I think we’ll have good chemistry. I like fast offense. I like fast offense and that’s what he brings to the table,” he said.

Abercrombie is looking forward to next season. “My strengths are my quick thinking and being left-handed, I can play different angles. My weakness is that I’m a little quiet on the court,” he laughs, adding, “Of course, the goal is to win. Now I want to meet my fans in the stadium, and I hope they will always support me and look forward to it.”

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