Sudden cold water, refutation after coverage in the UK “Kim Min-jae → Man Fashion, not in the stage of fine-tuning details”

Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) and Manchester United are strongly connected. There have been rumors of Manchester United imminent in Italy, but they waved their hands, saying that it is not that far yet. Of course, Manchester United continue to keep an eye on Kim Min-jae.

British media 메이저사이트‘Talk Sports’ announced on the 16th (Korean time), “We know that Manchester United are interested in Kim Min-jae. .

Last night, the report of ‘Il Martino’ shook Italy. The media explained, “Manchester United is about to sign Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae has decided to join Manchester United. Currently, only the final details are left.”

Reports of “Il Martino” quickly spread beyond Italy to England. ‘The Sun’, ‘Cut Off Site’, and ‘Daily Mail’ cited the report, saying, “If Min-jae Kim comes, Harry Maguire will leave, and the annual salary will be 8 million euros (about 12 billion won).” He added his personal opinion and fueled rumors of a transfer to Manchester United.

▲ Kim Min-jae, who is currently strongly linked to Manchester United

▲ There is a high possibility of leaving Naples’ core forces such as Osimen, including Kim Min-jae

▲ ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae

The feature of ‘Talk Sports’ is that it does not quote the ‘Il Martino’ report. In fact, the media refuted, saying, “There were reports that he would join Manchester United with only final details left to be coordinated at Italy’s ‘Il Martino’, but as far as we know, negotiations are not yet at that stage.”

Kim Min-jae came to Naples after experiencing Europe at Fenerbahce last summer. He also showed an overwhelming influence in Italy’s Serie A, the fifth major league in Europe and the home of defense. Under Spalletti, he has risen to the top European level. He also contributed as a key player to Napoli’s first win in 33 years.

▲ Kim Min-jae, ‘The Wall’ of Naples, showed overwhelming performance

▲ Will we meet Manchester United manager Ten Haag this summer?

▲ I played against Premier League team Liverpool in the Champions League.

When he joined Napoli, he signed a 3+2 year contract. At that time, a buyout clause was inserted, but if you pay 60 million euros (approximately 87.2 billion won), you can enter into personal negotiations with Kim Min-jae. This temporary buyout will take effect from July 1st to 15th of this year.

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