Sports Toto Korea Daegu Dalseong County Office Wheelchair Tennis, 2022 Hangzhou Para Asian Games off-season training digestion

In order to prepare for the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games’, players from the national unemployment team participated in field training. 

The Sports Toto Korea wheelchair tennis team successfully completed winter training in Busan from January 2nd to January 20th, raising expectations for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games following the Hangzhou Para Asian Games.  슬롯사이트

Also, following last year, they are helping new players of the Korea Disabled Tennis Association participate in training this year to improve their skills, discover talented new players, and support training. In response, Joo Won-hong, president of the Korea Disabled Tennis Association, expressed his gratitude to Sports Toto Korea.

The wheelchair tennis team of Daegu Dalseong-gun Office said that they were sweating while doing battery training in Jeju Island from January 9th to January 31st. 

Meanwhile, the 2022 Hangzhou Para Asian Games were postponed for a year due to last year’s corona, and are scheduled to open on September 23 this year.

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