‘Ski Empress’ Shiffrin 84th win… Men’s and women’s all-time record for most wins

Michaela Shiffrin (28, USA) increased the International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine World Cup women’s record for most wins to 84 wins.

Shiffrin took first place in the 2022-2023 FIS Alpine World Cup women’s giant slalom held in Kronplatz, Italy on the 25th with a total of 2:03:28 in the first and second periods.

Shefrin, who had set a new FIS Alpine World Cup women’s record for most victories (83 victories) by winning the giant slalom held the day before, rewrote her record in one day. The previous record for the most wins in the women’s division was 82 wins set by Lindsay Vonn (39, USA), who retired in 2019.

Shiffrin also put her men’s record for most wins, 86 wins by Inge Marsten Mark (retired, Sweden), in front of her eyes. Stenmark set this record in 1989. Currently, Shiffrin has won his 10th win this season alone, and is likely to break the record.슬롯사이트

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