Should Messi leave Barça? “The best way to improve the pay situation”

It has been argued that Ansu Fati

, who was pointed out as Lionel Messi’s successor, may be transferred this coming summer due to Barcelona’s financial problems.

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on the 8th (Korean time): “Barcelona will count on the party for now and for the future, but they too need to make money and improve their salary situation. The best solution would안전놀이터 be a permanent deal.” It has been said that the party may leave Barcelona in the coming summer.

The party was once the future of Barcelona. Partey, who made his first-team debut in 2019, broke the record for Barcelona’s youngest goal scorer (16 years and 304 days) by scoring in just his second match. He appeared in 33 matches that season alone, scoring 8 goals and 1 assist, drawing attention as a supernova for Barcelona.

He was also a strong candidate to succeed Messi. Messi had congratulated him for entering the first team by posting a photo of him hugging a party he debuted at the age of 16, the same age as himself. Among soccer fans, a story was circulating that Messi was thinking of Fati as a new successor, comparing it to a picture of Ronaldinho, the ace of Barcelona at the time of Messi’s debut, hugging him tightly.

But injuries got in the way. Partey suffered a left meniscus injury in November 2020 and had to miss 47 games and 305 days. It was fatal for a young player for whom game experience is more important than anything else. Even after that, he had to struggle with glass body temperament for a while, such as being injured 5 times in the 2021-22 season alone.

He has not been able to consolidate his position this season either. Party, who took over Messi’s number 10 last season, has played in all 20 league games, but only seven of them were selected. It is a situation that has not been able to operate the scorer for nearly four months since the last goal against Villarreal in October.

Barcelona are also struggling because of this situation. Party is one of the team’s franchise stars, but he’s not showing his former prowess. In addition, this season, there is sufficient supply and demand for attackers such as Robert Lewandowski and Rafinha. This is the reason for considering the sale of a 20-year-old party with high ‘product value’ in a situation where the team’s finances need to be improved.

The opinion of reporter Romano was the same. “There is talk that Partey is dissatisfied with his role at Barcelona. At the moment, I think a loan to improve Barcelona’s financial situation doesn’t make sense. The best solution would be a permanent deal, but it’s too early to predict how or where it will be done,” he said. He mentioned the possibility of a potential transfer.

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