Shortstop Ha-seong Kim… “It’s Kim Cha-do at third base”

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Ha-seong Kim of San Diego Major League Baseball, who will be offered the shortstop position in the new season, cheerfully expressed his determination.

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Press conference held at San Diego Fanfest.

With the recruitment of shortstop Bogatz, the big concern was what position Kim Ha-seong would play.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego]
“I heard that I can play a lot of games as a second baseman… I think I have to do my best to be good at any position, either shortstop or third base 안전놀이터.”

Although he has given up the shortstop position, he is said to be an all-around key in the infield, playing mainly as second baseman and even as third baseman and shortstop when needed.

Especially when he stood at third base, the position of his best friend Machado, he said he wanted to be called ‘Kim Chado’.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego]
“When the defensive moves similar to Macha-do came out, I jokingly said, ‘I am <Kim Cha-do’ and ‘Stay next to me’…”

Ha-sung Kim, whom we will meet first at the WBC, is already looking forward to the luxury defense. It works.

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