Seo Joon-won, KBO ‘Suspension of participation’…’Can he play again if ‘unsuspected’ comes out

 The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) issued a withdrawal to former Lotte Seo Jun-won (23). ‘Suspension of participation’. If the charge comes out, a career as a player may be possible, but in the end, this also depends on the KBO’s decision. Finding a new team is another story.

On the 28th, the KBO announced, 메이저놀이터“Lotte Seo Jun-won, who was accused of violating the Act on the Protection of Sexuality for Children and Youth, was suspended from participating in accordance with Article 152, Paragraph 5 of the KBO Rules.”

Article 152, Paragraph 5 of the KBO Regulations stipulates that ‘the president is not aware of the fact of each subparagraph of Article 148 [Cheating Act] or Article 151 [Damaging Dignity], or in the process of reporting or confirming the facts, If it is recognized that there is a hindrance, participation activities (duties) may be suspended until sanctions are decided on the person in question’.

According to the KBO’s suspension of participation activities, Seo Jun-won cannot participate in any club activities (training, games) until the disposition is over.

In addition, KBO plans to convene a reward and punishment committee to review whether or not to cancel the suspension of participation activities and the final sanctions if the facts are confirmed according to the judgment of the judicial body in the future.

Currently, Seo Jun-won is under investigation by the prosecution for sexual crimes against minors. On the 23rd, the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office (Chief Prosecutor Choi Mi-hwa) indicted Seo Jun-won without detention for violating the Child and Youth Protection Act (production and distribution of sexual exploitation materials, etc.).

Although it was brought up this time, as a result of Sports Seoul coverage, Seo Jun-won already started receiving police investigations in December of last year. tightly hidden He also participated in the Australian Baseball League as a member of Geelong Korea and digested Lotte’s spring camp. He also pitched in three exhibition games. Lotte put Seo Jun-won as the starting point and worked hard.

And on the 23rd, it was confirmed that Seo Jun-won was under investigation for committing a crime. It should be seen that he belatedly confessed when the situation became difficult as he went through the police and was even investigated by the prosecution. Lotte immediately held a disciplinary committee and decided to release Seo Jun-won.

Suddenly struck by lightning, Lotte even issued an apology. “It is absolutely unacceptable for a professional baseball player who is supported by many fans to commit a crime against minors. It has hurt the hearts of many people. Acknowledge management negligence. We promise to prevent a massive recurrence.”

It’s not over. The Choi Dong-won Memorial Association also moved. The winner of the 2018 High School Choi Dong-won Award is Seo Jun-won. On the 27th, the board of directors unanimously decided to withdraw. He announced, “We will go through discussions with the board of directors regarding the removal of awards in relation to awardees who have committed crimes of social immorality and serious crimes.”

KBO’s punishment also came out. There was also an expectation that ‘permanent disqualification’ could come out, but for now, it is ‘participation suspension’. After the investigation was over and everything was decided, they said they would reopen the reward and punishment committee.

Lotte has already released it, so there is no team that can train or play. It should be seen that the possibility of being taken by another team converges to zero. An official suspension of participation was issued. His hands and feet were all tied.

This situation is expected to last for quite some time. If all investigations are over and the judicial authority issues a ‘not guilty’ disposition, the possibility of playing as a KBO league player again is open. KBO can open the reward and punishment committee to cancel the disposition.

Even so, you have to have a club to take you. It is impossible to conclude at this point, but it is true that it does not seem to be easy.

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