‘Scary freshman’ Kim Seo-won’s 4th quarter performance, Kyung Hee University won 5 out of the last 6 games

There is a scary freshman at Kyung Hee University.

Kyunghee University defeated Hanyang University 60-48 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular league Namdaebu game held at Hanyang University Seoul Campus Olympic Gymnasium on the 24th. With 5 wins and 5 losses, Hanyang University and Myongji University tied for 5th place. It is half a game away from fourth place Dankook University (5 wins, 4 losses).안전놀이터

Kyunghee University lost to Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular league Namdaebu game held at Hanyang University Seoul Campus Olympic Gymnasium on the 24th. It was pushed from a tie for 7th place to a single 9th place (4 wins and 6 losses). A half game difference between Sungkyunkwan University and Konkuk University (above 4 wins and 5 losses) in 7th place.

Kyung Hee University is a strong player in the college league tradition. However, after the 2022 season, it faced a major power change. This is because the central resources such as Lee Sa-seong (graduated), In Seung-chan (Wonju DB), and Ko Chan-hyeok (Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation) have been withdrawn.

So, Kyung Hee University lost all the first four games after the opening. But I learned a lot from defeat. 4 wins and 1 loss in last 5 matches. With 4 wins and 5 losses, they were tied for 7th place in the playoffs. And I met Hanyang University, which is on the playoff line.

Kim Seo-won (185cm, G) is leading the rising trend of Kyung Hee University. Despite his freshman year, he dominates the team in scoring and assists on the team with 13.5 points and 5.63 assists per game. An indispensable advanced resource for the team.

Kim Seo-won was also included in the starting lineup in Hanyang Daejeon. He formed a backcourt partner with point guard Hwang Young-chan (178cm, G). At the beginning of the game, he persistently followed Cho Min-geun (180cm, G), who started as a point guard at Hanyang University.

When Hwang Young-chan retired to the bench, Kim Seo-won took over as the main ball handler. He didn’t do anything flashy, but after picking up a loose ball, he scored the last point of the first quarter with a quick attack and finishing. Kyung Hee University finished the first quarter with a score of 20-12.

Kim Seo-won was on the bench at the beginning of the second quarter. This is because he only committed two fouls in the first quarter. Also, Lee Seung-gu (190cm, F) and Kim Su-oh (200cm, F) also had foul trouble.

Kim Hyeon-guk, head coach of Kyung Hee University, had to sit Kim Seo-won on the bench. Hwang Young-chan was in charge of carrying the ball alone. However, Kyung Hee University was not greatly hindered by the presence or absence of Kim Seo-won. This is because the modified area defense worked well, and the quick attack after the area defense was well done.

Kim Seo-won kept the bench throughout the second quarter. All he had to do was applaud the matches of his seniors and classmates. Kim Seo-won, who was burdened, met the halftime in a good mood. He was able to prepare for the third quarter without the anxiety factor of foul trouble. Because Kyung Hee University finished the first half with a score of 37-21.

However, the atmosphere at the beginning of the third quarter at Kyung Hee University was not good. It was because Hanyang University was pushed back to 0-10 for 2 minutes and 20 seconds after the start of the 3rd quarter due to the changed defensive strength. The overall score was 37-31. Kyunghee University coach Kim Hyun-guk requested the first timeout in the second half.

Kim Seo-won quietly changed the atmosphere. Hwang Young-chan’s ball was quickly connected. He helped Woo Sang-hyun (189cm, G) with 3 points. Also, as time passed, Kim Seo-won adapted well to Hanyang University’s half-court press. The reason why Kyung Hee University came out of the crisis to some extent.

However, Kim Seo-won’s score did not explode. The decrease in offensive power of the top scorer in the team led to a burden on the rest of the players, and the offensive power of the Kyunghee University team eventually fell. Kyung Hee University finished the third quarter with a score of 44-43. was on the verge of a reversal.

Despite being a freshman, Kim Seo-won, an ace and main ball handler, needed to play. Kim Seo-won also recognized the importance of the early fourth quarter. He looked at the rim more actively than before. Even if he didn’t score, he laid the groundwork for a second chance point.

Hanyang University continued to pursue. time was getting shorter. The moment the tension rises. However, Kim Seo-won made good use of his defensive matchup. He posted up to Heo Dong-geun (175cm, G), who was 10cm closer than himself. He caused defensive imbalance by either jumping or scoring under the basket.

Kim Seo-won scored when it was important, and Kyung Hee University ran away 58-48 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the end of the game. Kim Seo-won delivered a fatal blow at the last moment. A quick pass followed by a steal and a foul induction poured cold water on Hanyang University.

He didn’t show his presence until the third quarter. However, he showed his ace and solver side in the 4th quarter. Finished the Hanyang War with 8 points, 4 steals and 3 assists and 2 rebounds (attack 1). It proved once again that there are scary freshmen at Kyunghee University.

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