Release of LG → bound for Lotte → 134km hopeful investment… The KBO 112-win secret weapon has finally moved

 The battle of the veteran left-handed pitcher, who boasts a career of 112 wins in the KBO League, is not over yet.메이저놀이터

Ahead of this season, veteran left-hander Cha Woo-chan (36), wearing a Lotte uniform, finally made his first real appearance. Cha Woo-chan started as a starting pitcher in the 2023 KBO Futures League match against SSG Landers held at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae on the 10th.

In the top of the first inning, Cha Woo-chan, who caught lead batter Kim Jung-min out with a fly ball out to right field, struck out Yu-bin Choi and got a left-handed hit by Jun-woo Choi, but struck out Hyo-seung Ryu to end the inning with no runs.

Lotte placed Choi Young-hwan on the mound in place of Cha Woo-chan in the beginning of the second inning. As this is Cha Woo-chan’s first actual game after returning from injury, he had no reason to throw many innings. 13 pitches. He allowed no runs while taking one hit and striking out two in one inning.

On this day, Cha Woo-chan’s highest speed reached 134 km. His average speed is 133 km. You can’t be full from the first drink. First of all, it was a game that could be meaningful just because it was the first real match after returning from injury. He has already been scheduled for the next appearance. Cha Woo-chan is scheduled to pitch in a practice match against Gangneung Yeongdong University on the 17th.

Cha Woo-chan is a player who is attracting attention as Lotte’s summer secret weapon this year. Cha Woo-chan, who devoted himself to rehabilitation due to a shoulder injury during the 2021 season, was released from LG at the end of last season and was called by Lotte. Lotte decided that Cha Woo-chan’s experience would help the team last winter, and recruited him for an annual salary of 50 million won.

Cha Woo-chan, who has played in 457 individual games and threw 1668⅔ innings, recorded 112 wins, 79 losses, 1 save, 32 holds, and an average ERA of 4.51. On July 5, 2021, he started as a starting pitcher against Hanwha in Jamsil. The last official record remains. . Now that he has stretched in the Futures League, it is expected that he will step on the resignation mound soon. Since Na Kyun-an and Park Se-woong will be selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games team in September, Lotte needs to secure a starting pitcher who can become an immediate force. Just as Jang Won-jun of Doosan became a winning pitcher in 1844 days, there are plenty of opportunities for Cha Woo-chan to shoot a ‘miracle’ from the mound.

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