‘Really earnest 1 point!’ GS Caltex’s fourth challenge to ‘final boss’ Hyundai E&C

Even without Yasmin, Hwang Yeon-ju is strong, like a ‘final boss’ with multiple special moves.

On the 20th, a confrontation between GS Caltex and Hyundai E&C will take place in the 4th round of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium.

Hyundai E&C, which has widened the score gap with second place Heungkuk Life Insurance (51 points, 17 wins and 5 losses), currently has 56 accumulated points (20 wins and 2 losses) and does not allow the rear runners to overtake. On the other hand, 4th place GS Caltex (31 points) is only 1 point away from 3rd place Korea Expressway Corporation (32 points). 

GS Caltex is expected to be in good condition. The previous game was on the 13th, so I took a break for about 6 days. In the previous game, they won a shutout against IBK Industrial Bank and finished the game in 1 hour and 20 minutes. In terms of the attack score index, it was ahead by 49-36, and the attack success rate was 47.12%, far exceeding IBK’s 29.75%.   

MoMA scored 18 points (attack success rate 44.44%) at the time, and Kang Sohui scored 16 points (attack success rate 51.72%). 

At the beginning of the game, GS Caltex fell behind, but the opponent was shaken and succeeded in reversing. However, GS Caltex also had a lot of mistakes, so there were many cases in which the attacker’s attack and blocking turned the situation around while matching shoulders with the opponent. Munhwa’s performance in the midfield was good, scoring 3 points in 14 blocking attempts and recording 6 effective blocks. 

It is also worth noting the blocking of setter Ahn Hye-jin. In 15 attempts, she blocked opponents’ attacks in the right places, with 9 effective blocks. At that time, Ahn Hye-jin shook the opponent’s receive with her serve as well as her blocking. 

However, Hyundai E&C is an opponent that loses its footing the moment it fails. It is powerful in both offense and defense and set play, so the opponent must raise his condition and performance to the best level before confronting him. As for the opponents of the two teams, Hyundai E&C has won all three matches. However, last December, when we played the second round, we won two sets after a two-hour battle, so it is not impossible.  바카라

Hyundai E&C also took a 5-day break before starting the game, so it was not easy to stock up on stamina. On the 14th, the previous game, they won 3-1 at home against KGC Ginseng Corporation. 

Hwang Yeon-joo, 37 years old, is afraid of fireworks. Although he is nicknamed ‘Deer’, he may be seen as ‘Elk’ to opponents who have to deal with powerful open attacks.

In the previous game against Ginseng Corporation, Hwang Yeon-joo scored 20 points (attack success rate 43.59%), Yang Hyo-jin scored 19 points, Jeong Ji-yoon 11 points, and Lee Da-hyun scored 10 points.

Elisabeth scored 31 points, but could not prevent the team from losing. 

On this day, Hwang Yeon-ju scored 9 points in open attack, 3 points in back attack, 5 points in quick open, and 3 points in blocking, proving that she is a multi-player capable of both offense and defense. In addition to Go Ye-rim’s receive, Kim Da-in and Kim Yeon-gyeon’s digs took out the opponent’s camp. 

Hyundai E&C briefly hesitated at the height of Ho-young Jeong and Elisabeth at the beginning of the game, but soon found a way to break it. The seasoned Hwang Yeon-ju found a gap in his side and bombarded his opponent’s court. 

With Yang Hyo-jin’s 5 blocking points and Lee Da-hyun’s fast-breaking 6 points, the midfield is also steadily staying strong, and they are trying to reach their feet for 6 consecutive wins. 

The match between the two teams will be played at 7 p.m. 

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