‘Purchase of farmland’ Ki Sung-yong’s father’s appeal trial reduced fine to 500 million won

 Former Gwangju FC manager Ki Young-ok (66), who was accused of violating the Farmland Act by purchasing the soccer center site, was sentenced to a fine in the appeals court.

The 1st Criminal 안전놀이터Division of the Gwangju District Court (Chief Judge Kim Pyeong-ho) overturned the lower court sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison, 3 years probation, and a fine of 10 million won in an appeals trial against Ki Young-ok and sentenced her to a fine of 500 million won.

In 2016, Mr. Ki, along with his son, soccer player Ki Seong-yong, purchased 10 parcels of land, including farmland in Geumho-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju, for 5 billion won, submitting a false agricultural management plan and illegally changing the quality of some land (violation of the Farmland Act, etc.). done.

During this process, his son Ki Seong-yong is also accused of making and submitting false documents as if he had written the plan himself (forgery of private documents, etc.)

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Mr. Ki insisted that he bought the land because the owner sold the land all at once, and that it was not for speculation.

The court acknowledged Ki’s will to establish a soccer center, saying, “Looking at the location and shape of the land, it seems that there is an aspect of buying it in a diamond shape and considering it as an alternative if there is a problem with the existing soccer center construction site.”

However, he requested that Ki feel a sense of responsibility as the father of a public figure and show sincerity someday by building a soccer center as promised.

The judge said, “Mr. Ki is not guilty of buying farmland without any real intention to cultivate it. Although this land still belongs to development restrictions or military reservations, development profits may someday occur, and some were included in the Maruk Park site.” .

The judge said, “I am reflecting on my crime and my son Ki Sung-yong apologized for the illegal act and donated 2 billion won to return a large part of the profits that could be obtained from the rise in land prices.” I decided on the meaning,” he explained.

Ki left the courtroom and said, “I will serve hard and live.”

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