‘Promote renewal of the contract with Kim Min-jae’ Napoli, difficulties due to salary problems → transfer possibility increases

 Kim Min-jae, who is attracting attention due to rumors of a transfer to Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United), is known to be having difficulties renewing his contract with Napoli.

Italian media Calciomercato reported on the 24th토토사이트 (local time) that “Kim Min-jae’s agent is negotiating with Naples Giuntoli, but there is a difference in position.” The media said, ‘Kim Min-jae’s agent demanded a double increase in Kim Min-jae’s annual salary. If so, Kim Min-jae’s annual salary will be 5.2 million euros (about 7.2 billion won). The problem is that Napoli has internally decided not to pay more than 3.5 million euros (about 4.9 billion won) in annual salary to any player. Also, ‘Due to the difference in position on Kim Min-jae’s annual salary, Kim Min-jae may leave the team. Manchester United is a club ahead of Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid in the race to sign Kim Min-jae,’ he added.

Kim Min-jae has recently been attracting attention due to rumors of a transfer to Manchester United. Italian media Corriere dello Sport said on the 24th, ‘Napoli is pushing for an increase in Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount from 48 million euros (about 66.6 billion won) to 65 million euros (about 90.2 billion won) through renewal of the contract with Kim Min-jae. Napoli is secretly pursuing a renewal of the contract with Kim Min-jae.”

It is known that Manchester United are planning to sign Kim Min-jae from Napoli after paying the buyout amount. Napoli is pushing to increase the buyout amount through renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae, but they are having difficulty renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae. It is said that Napoli is in a situation where it is necessary to make an exception to the club’s internal salary policy in order to catch Kim Min-jae.

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