PRGR Releases 2023 RS JUST Driver

JUST in the desired distance and direction!

Progia releases a new RS JUST driver for 2023 that holds the direction along with cool long hits. The RS JUST driver안전놀이터 is a new model of PRGR’s representative RS line, and its performance has been upgraded.

First of all, the ‘New Axis Design’ further maximizes the elasticity of the face upon impact. The New Axis design is a technology that widens the gap between the normally attached hosel and face, allowing golfers to create the pitch they want in the situation they need. By adopting the W crown and W sole, the impact area is expanded and the effective hitting surface is widened to minimize the distance loss.RS JUST will release not only drivers, but also woods and utilities, and will provide innovative design and advanced performance experiences to all golfers.

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