“Please reconsider the transfer of the A’s,” U.S. congressman writes open letter to MLB commissioner

While Major League Baseball is pursuing the transfer of the Athletics, a congressman sent an open letter to Commissioner Rob Manfred demanding that it be reconsidered, drawing attention.

Barbara Lee, a member of the California House of Representatives for the 12th District, which governs the Oakland and Berkeley areas of California, released a letter to Commissioner Manfred on the 8th (Korean time).스포츠토토

In the letter, he “requests that the Athletics reconsider their efforts to assist or encourage the Athletics’ attempt to leave the East Bay (an expression referring to the Oakland region)” and demanded that the Athletics stop the ointment transfer.

The Athletics is currently pursuing an ointment transfer. Photo =ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
The Athletics, who moved from Kansas City to Oakland in 1968, are currently preparing to move again.

As there is no progress in the construction of the new stadium, they are preparing to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, they are waiting for the passage of tax support from the state legislature with a plan to build a new soccer field.

Representative Lee expressed his frustration, saying, “Many voters in the East Bay area, including myself, are frustrated by the continuing failure of the Athletics club and the league office to negotiate with the local government.”

He then pointed out that despite the continued efforts of the Oakland City and Alameda County governments, the league secretariat and clubs “are not acting in good faith.”

He called for the Athletics’ contributions to the Auckland region to be considered, saying that the Athletics have settled in the Auckland region for generations, creating jobs and economic impact in the community and shaping the local cultural identity.

It wasn’t just an appeal. Referring to comments made by Commissioner Manfred in Parliament last year, he argued that this attempt contradicts what he had left.

In response to a question from the US Senate Judiciary Committee in July of last year regarding the exemption from the antitrust laws, which have been recognized since 1922, Manfred said that the benefit “helps major league clubs maintain a deep relationship with their hometown fans.” claimed. He cites as an example that there has been only one case of transfer of affiliation in the major leagues over 50 years, and that baseball’s ability to settle in one area for a long time ‘unlike other sports that steadily transfer ties’ is related to the benefits of exemption from antitrust laws. claimed to have

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