Park Sang-hyun, ahead of the 19th season, takes the family’s ‘power’ to the Asian stage

“I am determined to show my skills with pride in representing Korea wherever I go.”

In a recent phone call with the Munhwa Ilbo, Park Sang-hyun said, “I had high expectations from winning the first tournament, and it is true that I was greedy (2022 season).” In the end, I think getting hurt is my skill. 1 win, but was the least placed in the top 10 after his pro debut. When I found my senses, the season was over and I had a lot of regrets,” he looked back on last season.

Park Sang-hyun (40), who debuted in 2005, is ahead of his 19th season this year. Last season, he won the DB Insurance Pro Me Open, the opening match of the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour, and won the title of the oldest among the 2022 winners. He currently earns 4,386,566,753 won on the KPGA tour and is also the protagonist of the career prize money. He is the ‘face’ of the self-proclaimed KPGA tour.

However, Park Sang-hyun takes on a new challenge in 2023. I put down the joy of last year’s victory and the regret of my injury and stood on the starting line again. In particular, this year, he strengthened his determination in a new atmosphere by training with his family in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. He raised his shot sense by experiencing experiences he had not had before, such as enjoying rounds with Moon Gyeong-jun (41) and his son, whom he trains with. Park Sang-hyun said, “Golf players don’t have enough time to spend with their families. So he decided to accompany his family to this training,” he said. “When the season is over, he puts down his golf clubs. So in the new year, you have to find a new sense again. No matter where they go, players who adapt quickly will succeed.”

There is another reason why Park Sang-hyun chose Malaysia, the center of Southeast Asia, as the field training ground. That’s because in 2023, he set a goal to focus on the Asian Tour International Series. Park Sang-hyun plans to join the KPGA tour based on the Asian tour in the 2023 season. He set a goal of competing in as many tournaments as possible on the Japan Professional Golf Tour (JGTO) for which he was eligible. 토토사이트

Park Sang-hyun said, “Since there is a seed for the Asian Tour, I am going to try it. He participates in all Asian tours held in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar in February, and participates in the opening match in Japan in the last week of March. Korea will start with the DB Insurance Promi Open, which they won last year. While participating in the tournament in Korea, I plan to participate in the Asian Tour International Series when there is a big tournament.”

“I am determined to show my skills with pride representing Korea wherever I go,” said Park Sang-hyun. I will continue to play golf in 2023 as I have consistently achieved results and won championships over the past 18 years.”

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