‘Panty Performance’ in front of the Presidential Palace, the miracle of Hangzhou dreamed of by Hulk

The second match of this season between Doosan Bears and KT Wiz was held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 22nd, with 13,410 people cheering. Fans who wanted to spend Saturday afternoon with baseball headed to the baseball field and enjoyed the thrilling game between the two teams.

The protagonist who먹튀검증received the most cheers that day was not Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, the “national hitter,” nor Doosan Yang Seok-hwan, who hit the decisive home run in the game, but “Hulk” Lee Man-soo, former SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) coach.

On this day, coach Lee Man-soo visited Jamsil with the players of the Laos national baseball team. The KBO League ‘Intuition’ requested support from the Doosan club for the players, one of their lifelong wishes, and Doosan happily accepted it, and the pitch and tryout events were held.

It took a considerable amount of time for director Lee Man-soo to come to the interview room where he was supposed to meet with the reporters after finishing the event. Numerous baseball fans asked Manager Lee Man-soo to shake hands and take pictures, and Manager Lee Man-soo, who had a spirit of fan service, carefully took care of each fan. 

Manager Lee Man-soo said, “Today, this place is a piece of history for Laos players. I also went to the United States as a national team member when I was a college student, and I developed my dream while playing at Dodger Stadium.” That was my dream. I asked Doosan, which has coach Lee Seung-yeop, whom I love the most, and they took good care of me, so I even pitched the first pitch and hit the ball.”

Director Lee Man-soo made a baseball team in Laos, a baseball wasteland, from 2014 and took off his feet to supply baseball. He robbed himself of his own money and traveled back and forth between Korea and Laos, drawing support from the government, local governments, and businesses. 

In the dedication of director Lee Man-soo, Laos baseball is developing little by little. Although he lost 0-15 to Thailand and 10-15 to Sri Lanka at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, he gained valuable international experience. Although they recently faced Thailand twice, they showed rapid growth by narrowing the gap to 5-12 and 5-18.

Laos is conducting battery training in Korea to prepare for this year’s Asian Games. After entering Korea at dawn on the 19th, they are playing a practice game with domestic high school teams with the cooperation of the Korea Sports Association and the Korea Baseball Softball Association. 

Coach Lee Man-soo explained, “The players really like it. Their skills didn’t improve when they played among themselves, but they improved a lot while playing with a Korean high school team. I’m grateful to the Korean government, the Korea Sports Association, and the Korea Baseball Softball Association.” did.

Director Lee Man-soo has two dreams. Laos’ historic first victory in the Asian Games and the production of Laos players who sign contracts with professional teams in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. He even made a hot promise to motivate the players.

Manager Lee Man-soo laughed, “If Laos wins their first victory at the Hangzhou Asian Games, they will play in front of the presidential palace in Laos’ capital. I told them to win one victory this time, and the players are sharpening their knives.”

In 2007, when coach Lee Man-soo took over as SK head coach, he made a promise to the team that if the Munhak Baseball Stadium were sold out, they would walk around the ground wearing only shorts. Lee Hae In the home game against the KIA Tigers on May 26th, more than 30,000 spectators were full, and coach Lee Man-soo kept his promise right away. 

Laos players were also well aware of coach Lee Man-soo’s ‘panty performance’. “Laos players also watch a lot of Korean professional baseball videos on YouTube. They all know that I walked around the stadium wearing only shorts,” he explained.

Coach Lee Man-soo’s baseball never stops. We are busy moving to supply baseball to Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar as well as Laos. In Vietnam, the efforts of director Lee Man-soo, such as the establishment of the Baseball Association and the operation of the national team, are bearing fruit little by little.

Coach Lee Man-soo said, “If even one player in Laos signs a contract with a professional team in Korea, Japan, or Taiwan and a player from the second team comes out, the effect (baseball distribution) can be increased.” “An international tournament will be held in Thailand on the 29th I think I will be this busy until the Asian Games,” he said of his plan.

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