Opening amid all kinds of bad news… “Baseball fans will no longer be disappointed”

Amidst all kinds of bad news, professional baseball opens this weekend. The players expressed their determination not to disappoint anymore.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


[Oh Ji-hwan/ LG Twins: {Could you come and host the (wedding ceremony)?} You said it as a championship promise, but I’ll see you regardless.] A

festival that welcomes the new season with a pleasant promise,메이저놀이터 the first time in 4 years More than 400 fans were also present, but voices of anticipation and concern were mixed.

[Baek Daye/Shin Su-dong, Seoul: It seems difficult to start with a very confusing and happy season… ]

Following the WBC 1st round elimination, the player was kicked out for sexual offenses against a minor, and even suspicions that the general manager demanded back money hit the baseball world.

[Choi Jong-hyeon/Gwanggyo-dong, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do: I was embarrassed and surprised, but I hope this case will really disappear… ]

The players were determined to change the hearts of the fans with fierce gestures.

[Lee Jeong-hoo/Kiwoom Heroes: I think it depends on what we do. I think I should show it through my play and actions that can impress… ]

Lee Jung-hoo, who created the famous ‘Home Run Delivery’ scene last season, won 5 batting titles, and even reached the top star, but I have only one dream I want to achieve by wearing the captain’s armband before knocking on the door of the major leagues.

[Lee Jeong-hoo/Kiwoom Heroes: I thought it was meaningless if I couldn’t win in the end… As much as this season, romantic baseball is good, but unconditionally in terms of grades.]

Among the starting pitchers for the opening game, there are only two domestic players, Kim Gwang-hyeon and Ahn Woo-jin.

With the heavy task of strengthening competitiveness and restoring trust, professional baseball opens in two days.

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