“Oh Seung-hwan suggested it first”…Samsung’King of the End’ 3rd Kiwoom’s first start, ‘Experienced’ coach Jung Hyun-wook suggested 

Oh Seung-hwan (41, Samsung Lions), the most brilliant closer in Korean baseball history, will make his first starter transformation after his debut.

According to a Samsung메이저놀이터 official on the 2nd, Seung-hwan Oh is expected to pitch as a starting pitcher in the home game against Kiwoom Heroes at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 3rd.

The key is finding confidence. It is the first time that Oh Seung-hwan, who is ranked first in the KBO league with 374 saves, has been a starter since his debut in 2005. He’s had his ups and downs in the early stages of this season and it’s a confidence-boosting dimension.

Oh Seung-hwan is recording an ERA of 4.50 with 1 win, 1 loss, 4 saves and 2 holds in 10 games and 10 innings this season. There were two blown saves and losses. Due to the sluggish performance for unknown reasons, Samsung coach Park Jin-man nominated left-hander Lee Seung-hyeon as a temporary finisher instead of Oh Seung-hwan, but Oh did not easily find stability.

It was pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook (45) who suggested Seung-hwan Oh’s transformation as a starting pitcher. He, who was active as Samsung’s steel-walled bullpen, also had the same experience. He was in a slump until June 2012, and took over as a temporary starter in place of Yoon Seong-hwan, who was out due to a thigh injury. It was not an official position change. At the same time, director Ryu Joong-il expressed his hope that Jung Hyun-wook would come to life through this opportunity while filling the urgent fire.

The effect was clear. Afterwards, Jung Hyun-wook regained his good feelings and returned to Samsung’s bullpen and led the team to a unified victory.

In a phone call with Star News, coach Jung Hyun-wook said, “Anyway, the most important thing was when to throw Oh Seung-hwan.” “But you can’t have Oh Seung-hwan throw in a situation where there is a big score difference. Even if you throw a long shot and give him some points, it means that you should find your own rhythm or tempo.”

As coach Chung suggested that Oh Seung-hwan change as a starting pitcher to manager Park Jin-man, his start on the 3rd was decided. This is a part that has already been discussed with Oh Seung-hwan.

Coach Jung Hyeon-wook said, “It’s half a joke, but he asked me to start first.” I did it,” he said.

No matter how well he throws as a starter, the place Oh Seung-hwan should stay in is the bullpen and, ultimately, the finisher. Coach Jung Hyeon-wook nailed it, saying, “I only throw it once. It means to catch the feeling while throwing about 50 pitches.” Next, coach Jung expressed his wish, “Baseball should have good results anyway, but it seems frustrating because it doesn’t work. I hope you find confidence while throwing comfortably and continue throwing (from the bullpen) as you feel.”

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