“Nobody Wants” Old Craig Azar, Retiring at 32

Eden Hazard (32, invincible), who once had a reputation as the best player in the Premier League, is in the process of retiring.

On the 9th (Korean time), the Spanish daily ‘Marca’ covered the bitter reality of Hazard, who has nowhere to go after ending his contract with Real Madrid as of last season, in an article titled ‘Hazard ahead of retirement’.

According to the report, Hazard has currently only received offers from Belgian second tier club KVC Basterlo. Even in the US professional league and the Saudi professional league, which recruit many veteran stars, they are unable to receive love calls.

‘Marka’ predicted that “Hazard’s steps are eventually heading in the direction of leaving the football world,” and that Hazard is likely to retire sooner or later.

Hazard was rated as one of the best wing forwards in the league during his time at Chelsea. But since he joined Real Madrid in 2019, things have gone awry.

He returned from a major injury suffered during a European Champions League match, but failed to replicate his Chelsea performances.

In the end, he was classified as an out-of-power player for the past 3 years and lost face by being treated as a ‘eat-and-run’.안전놀이터

Even after leaving Real Madrid, Hazard expressed his willingness to extend his active career, but no team is looking for a “one-time World Star” who has gone downhill.

Hazard also retired from the Belgian national football team in June.

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