‘No.1’ goal scorer is silent, ‘150 billion’ hat-trick… A match that you don’t even know you know

A-match is really difficult.

Players who have had busy club schedules are spending their A-match schedules for a while. Several teams from South America and Asia, including the ‘World Cup champion’ Argentina, are preparing for the continental cup competition through friendly matches, and European teams have played the European Football Federation (UEFA) Euro schedule.

There were a lot of interesting 스포츠토토matchups. France and the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic, Sweden and Belgium, etc. Players who performed well in the club wanted to continue their appearance in the national team.

However, performance at club does not guarantee success with the national team. Regarded as the best striker of the 2010s and continuing the trend this season, Poland’s Robert Lewandowski failed to score a single goal against the Czech Republic.

He had no choice but to watch defeat. Lewandowski, who started as a front-line striker, played full-time and attempted 3 shots in 90 minutes, but failed to score. Aside from scoring no goals, his performance itself was not good. So Poland suffered a 1-3 defeat to the Czech Republic in the silence of Lewandowski. Football statistics media ‘Who Scored’ gave Lewandowski a rating of 6.18 and gave a harsh evaluation.

Contrary to Lewandowski, there is a player who is quiet at the club, but has flown around in the national team. The main character is Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku, who entered Chelsea last season with a huge transfer fee of 113 million euros (approximately 158.3 billion won), despite his expectations, was labeled as a ‘eat-and-run’ due to overlapping sluggishness and controversy. This season, he was loaned to Inter Milan, but due to overlapping injuries, he has only scored 5 goals, including cup competitions.

However, in his national team, he performed tremendously. Lukaku, who started as a forward striker in the match against Sweden, completed a hat-trick starting with the opening goal in the 35th minute of the first half. Belgium won 3-0 thanks to Lukaku’s performance. ‘Whoscored’ also gave him the highest rating, giving him a rating of 9.2.

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