NC Oh Young-soo, aiming for 10 homers… “What is needed is confidence”

Yang Eui-ji went out, and Noh Jin-hyeok went out. Foreign hitter Nick Martini also left the team. They hit 51 home runs last season. This winter, NC lost nearly half of the team’s home runs (105).

The rest of the players are desperately needed. Expectations for Oh Young-soo (24), who was dropped as the starting first baseman, grew. NC showed its faith in Oh Young-soo by sending Martini, who alternated between 바카라, outfield and first base last year.

There are plenty of possibilities. Last season, he only hit 6 home runs, but the second half hit was fierce. Last year, Oh Young-soo hit 4 homers in 39 games in the second half, recording a batting average of 0.290 and an OPS of 0.813. NC is looking for Oh Young-soo to play more than 100 games and double-digit home runs this season.

What Youngsoo Oh needs is confidence. During field training in Tucson, Arizona, USA, in a phone call on the 12th, he said, “I had to focus on dealing with the pitcher, but I couldn’t. He noticed when I made a mistake and tried harder to shake off his bad mood,” he said. The phrase he heard the most was, “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.” Oh Young-soo said, “I’ve been trying to be perfect in all aspects, but now I feel like I’ve got more room in my mind.”

Oh Young-soo trained separately for two weeks in the United States prior to this battery training and refined his hitting mechanism. He corrected the habit of his shoulders falling out when swinging the bat and focused on putting his strength into the pitcher’s direction. He thought it was the right direction, but he was not without anxiety. He asked for a meeting with hitting coach Song Ji-man at the beginning of the Arizona camp. “no problem. We are doing well, so let’s focus on hitting the right pitching timing.” It was also advice that confidence is important.

Oh Young-soo said of himself, “My strength is being able to hit the ball even at a disadvantageous ball count.” However, in the first team stage, he could not make use of his strengths. Last year, Oh Young-soo’s contact rate was only 75.9%. He had a lot of miss swings. It was because he was aware of this problem that he tried to change his hitting mechanism while training separately. Oh Young-soo said, “He is concentrating on timing while having a swing as concisely as possible.”

NC’s power this season is classified as a lower rank. There was a lot of outflow of players, but little reinforcement. Oh Young-soo has a different idea. He said, “The team has become younger overall, and I think it has the advantage of being able to hit terribly if you get on the flow,” he said. “I hope we can go through the season well in our own way.”

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