‘National University’ Hwang Ui-jo and Cho Kyu-seong slow down…Three foreign players aiming for ‘scoring king’

Amid the sluggishness of the national striker, the three ‘foreigners’ took the lead in scoring.

At the beginning of the season, the biggest topic of K-League 1 was the confrontation between the Korean national strikers. Expectations grew with Cho Kyu-seong (25), who stayed with Jeonbuk Hyundai after delaying his move to Europe, and Hwang Eui-jo (30), who wore the FC Seoul uniform for six months.

However, both players only scored 1 goal until the 6th round. 카지노사이트Cho Kyu-seong scored in the second round against Suwon Samsung, and Hwang Eui-jo scored in the sixth round against Daegu FC. The goal was also a penalty kick, not a field goal.

While the national striker was quiet, 3 foreign players with 4 goals were ranked at the top of the scoring list. Yasir Asani (Gwangju FC), Gustav Rubiksson (Ulsan Hyundai), and Thiago (Daejeon Hana Citizen) are the main characters.

◆ K-League transfer→Albanian national team,

Asani, the main player of the storm, entered the K-League wearing a Gwangju uniform this season. Asani, who is equipped with left-footed kicking ability and dribbling skills as a wing forward, has not received attention compared to other foreigners. However, Asani warmed up by scoring the winning goal from the first round against Suwon.

Round 4 against Incheon United was the highlight. Asani scored three goals that day and became the protagonist of the first hat-trick this season. In particular, the left-footed free kick that completed the hat-trick was enough to show why Gwangju recruited Asani.

Asani was the player that Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo wanted directly. An official from Gwangju said, “Asani has been scolded by the coach since winter training. Because he is good at kicking and dribbling, he thinks that he can be the best player if he just takes the movement and positioning that the coach wants. He explained that he himself gets along well with the players and is working hard to learn even more.” Assani also recently made his Albanian national team debut.

◆ Swedish version of Jamie Vardy, leading force

Rubiksson received attention for his unique career from the time he joined. Rubiksson, who is from Sweden, started from the 7th division of his country and entered the 1st division through stages. He had a career similar to that of England’s Body, who is famous for being a ‘atmospheric plastic surgery’ player.

With his performance in Ulsan, Rubik Son is proving how he has risen to the top division. Rubik’s hand is adding to the destructive power of Ulsan’s second line with his unique amount of activity and sincere play. In his debut match against Jeonbuk in the first round, Rubikson induced the opponent to make a mistake with active pressure and scored the winning goal.

Rubikson, who scored in the 4th round against Suwon FC, scored multiple goals against Suwon (6th round) and became the main player in the victory. Rubikson also delivered a message to the team after the match against Suwon, saying, “The content of the second half was obviously not good.” The addition of Rubikson, who has a unique ‘mental’, led to Ulsan’s 6th consecutive win.

◆ Ranked 2nd only in K2? Works in K1 too!

Thiago played a big role in Gyeongnam FC last season. Thiago scored 19 goals in 37 appearances. It was a season that showed potential even though he unfortunately missed the top scorer due to Yoo Kang-hyeon (then Chungnam Asan), who is currently playing together in Daejeon.

Daejeon, which was promoted to the 1st division, quickly secured the signing of Thiago. Thiago’s height and scoring ability have been consistent in K1 so far. Thiago was expected to score consecutive goals after the opening of the first round against Gangwon FC and the second round against Incheon.

In the 6th round against Suwon FC, he lost 3-5, but scored multiple goals to lead the score. As speedy attackers such as Leandro and Kim In-gyun shake the opponent’s defense, Thiago has a chance to score. It shows the ‘adaptability’ expected by Daejeon.

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