Napoli in love with Korea, targets ‘next Kim Min-jae’ as replacement for ‘Man Utd favourite’ Kim Ji-Won

Napoli seems to have fallen in love with Korea.

Napoli won the Serie A title this season. This is the third time Napoli has won the title since the 1986-1987 and 1989-1990 seasons when the late Diego Maradona was playing. At the center of it all was Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae rewrote Korean soccer history. He became the first Korean to win the Scudetto. In the past, Lee Seung-hwan played for Perugia and Lee Seung-woo for Hellas Verona, but they were far from winning. In his first year with the team, Kim was fantastic, earning a starting spot and then winning the title.메이저사이트

Kim has been a key part of the team all season long. When Kalidou Koulibaly, the team’s center back until last season, left for Chelsea in the English Premier League, Napoli brought in the former Turkkiye Fenerbahçe player to fill the void. There was no adjustment period for the first-time big leaguer. He started the season strong and quickly became the centerpiece of the team. In September of last year, Kim was named Serie A Player of the Month. He was the first Asian player to be named Serie A Player of the Month since the 2019-2020 season.

With Kim at the center of the defense, Napoli conceded the fewest goals in the league this season. In a particularly aggressive Luciano Spalletti style of play, Kim has done a remarkable job with his aggressive defense. He was praised by legends such as Fabio Cannavaro and Alexandro Costacurta. His performances were so fantastic that there is a debate about him being the best center back in the world beyond Italy. He’s even in Napoli’s all-time best 11. Along with the likes of Éder Militant and Juventus, he’s been considered the best center back of the season. Unsurprisingly, he was nominated for the Serie A Team of the Year this season. He is a strong favorite to win the award.

Kim Min-jae AFP
Unsurprisingly, big clubs are calling. Manchester United are the most active, but Newcastle, Chelsea, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are also keeping tabs on Kim. Forbes, an American business magazine, published an article titled ‘Man Utd’s target is this summer’s bargain’. Forbes said, “Kim’s buyout would be about the 10th highest ever for a center back in the English Premier League, but it would be a good deal considering his value. “He has good aerial competitiveness and can intercept the ball. He also has the passing ability to build up.” “He is entering his prime as a defender. He needs very little time to adapt to the English game. He even has military service benefits. It’s not a risky move to sign him.

Napoli would love to get their hands on Kim, but it”s a difficult situation. This is because of the buyout clause. Kim inserted the buyout clause when he joined Napoli last summer. ‘There is a buyout clause in Kim’s contract that allows him to leave Napoli this summer,’ said Areanapoli. It is a very real risk for president Aurelio De Laurentiis. ‘Kim can exercise his option for two weeks from July 1 to 15 to freely leave the club (abroad only). He is under contract until 2025.” “The buyout price could range from €45 million to €60 million. The price is linked to a parameter on the turnover of the buyer.

Photo credit=Korean Professional Football Association

Photo credit=Korean Football Association
Napoli have begun their search for a replacement for Kim Min-jae. Surprisingly, a South Korean player is being considered. Seongnam FC defender Kim Ji-soo. ‘Kim Ji-soo could be an ideal replacement,’ Napoli Calcioliv reported on March 23 (KST). ‘He is young, cheap, and most importantly, physically very similar to Kim Min-jae,’ the report said, adding that ‘Kim is likely to head to Brentford, but Napoli could also try to sign him.

Kim Ji-soo has received an official offer from Brentford. Brentford has made a buyout offer, and Seongnam is also willing to let him go. Kim Ji-soo is considered the present and future of Korean soccer. He has overwhelming physicality (1m92-84kg) and soccer sense. He has excellent physicality, one-on-one ability, and more. He turned pro last year while still in high school. He was Seongnam’s first semi-professional player. Despite his young age, he was applauded for his hot performances.

He also played in the recent U-20 World Cup. He proved his worth with a brilliant performance against France. Kim Ji-soo has also received interest from Bayern Munich and Sporting Lisbon, among others. Napoli also showed interest, confirming that Kim Ji-Soo is the future of Korean soccer’s defense.

In addition to Kim Ji-Soo, Napoli have also been linked to Lee “Golden Boy” Kang-In and Hwang “Prince” In-Bum.

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