Napoli FW Osimen’s late goal, semi-finals to AC Milan

If both Kim Min-jae and Jambo Angusa played, it would have been a game that would have expected a dramatic drama, so the Napoli players and 52,728 home fans had no choice but to express their regret. There are many unavoidable things that happen on the soccer field, but it taught me how important it is to anticipate these trends and prepare for them meticulously.

SSC Napoli (Italy), led by coach Luciano Spalletti, 안전놀이터held the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal second at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples at 4 am on the 19th (Wed) in Korean time. In the game, AC Milan (Italy) drew 1-1, but the combined score of the two games was 1-2 and did not advance to the semifinals.

Unbelievable penalty saves from both team’s goalkeepers

This game, the home team Napoli stood in front of the home fans with the confidence that they could turn the tables, as they lost to Milan last week with just one goal. With Victor Osimen, the leading goal scorer who was worried about injury, returning, center back Kim Min-jae (cumulative warning) and midfielder Jambo Anguisa (exit) did not seem to have a large vacancy.

However, the flow of football did not go according to someone’s will. In the 21st minute after the start of the game, referee Cimon Marchiniak (Poland) blew a long whistle and a penalty kick was declared. It was thunderbolt news for SSC Napoli.

It was judged that Napoli left fullback Mario Hui’s standing tackle knocked down AC Milan’s Rafael Leão. The Napoli players claimed that it was an excessive action, but the VAR system also accepted the referee’s decision.

The player who put the ball down at 11 meters and kicked it with his left foot was AC Milan’s leading goalkeeper Olivier Giroud.

SSC Napoli had enough of the situation to lead the flipping atmosphere. However, before the end of the first half, AC Milan’s field goal came first. Rafael Leang’s fast dribbling breakthrough skills were also at the top European level.

Neither the Napoli midfielder nor the defenders were able to cope with Rafael Leang’s attempt to break through the dribble. The entire Napoli defensive line collapsed to such an extent that one could think that this was Kim Min-jae’s empty spot, and a perfect pass that made even the goalkeeper immobilized rolled in front of Olivier Giroud and scored Giroud’s left-footed goal (42 minutes 42 seconds) in a situation that was no different than an empty goal. will be.

The Napoli players, who had to catch up with a two-goal difference in the combined score of the two games, risked everything in the second half, but the chase was not resolved. In the 80th minute, Giovanni Di Lorenzo’s low right cross resulted in a penalty (Ficayo Tomori handball foul), so it seemed that the Naples Theater was in full swing.

But even here the goalkeeper’s super save shone. Napoli’s talented playmaker Hvica Kvarachhelia’s right-footed penalty was saved by AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Menann. It was a rare case in which both goalkeepers blocked a penalty kick side by side in the same game.

Still, SSC Napoli, who did not give up, scored Victor Osimen’s header with a relatively low left-footed cross from substitute Raspadori from the right flank at 2:33 of added time in the second half. However, this goal was truly too late. A little over a minute of added time continued, but the Napoli players were unable to break AC Milan’s defense once more.

AC Milan, who reached the quarterfinals in 16 years, will meet the winning team of Inter Milan (Italy) and SL Benfica (Portugal) at Stadio San Siro (Milan) on the 20th (Thursday) in the semifinals, last week Inter Milan won 2-0 away in Lisbon, so the schedule for the semi-finals is likely to be an exciting Milan derby.

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