Myung-joo Lee, who was ‘stolen’ by Shin Jin-ho, the dedicated kicker, smiles… “I just have to get out”

Lee Myung-joo (Incheon United) facing his old teammate is preparing for the season with more excitement than ever.

Lee Myung-joo and transfer student Shin Jin-ho worked for Pohang Steelers from 2012 to 2014. Last year, Lee Myung-joo and this year Shin Ji-ho joined the team, and they met again in Incheon. The combination of the two veteran midfielders is considered the highest level in the K-League 1. Thanks to them, Incheon quickly emerged as the best dark horse in the K-League 1 this year.

Lee Myung-joo said, “I didn’t even think that Jin-ho would come.” At 12 p.m., the players and coaching staff all came out to welcome Jin-ho. Even the director didn’t sleep and waited. He was an honored guest.”

After breathing through training, his mind felt more at ease. Lee Myung-joo said, “When he is training, he thinks a lot of ‘Oh, this is it’. I also learn a lot. After leaving Pohang, I also felt like my football rhythm and tempo had been diluted 토토사이트a lot. After Jinho-hyung came, I also reflect on my passing, control, and movements, and am looking for the tempo again.” He continued, “We always think of ourselves as young people, but in terms of soccer age, it is inevitable that we will be different from those in our 20s. It probably won’t be able to show a huge amount of activity like it did in Pohang. Still, I see it as an advantage in other ways. Jinho-hyung took really good care of his body. I think he will be able to play more fun soccer,” he said, expressing his anticipation.

Last year, Lee Myung-joo was in charge of corner kicks and free kicks. However, he felt responsible for not being able to record many attack points. He said, “After the season, I thought I needed to do a lot of kick practice. So he did a lot of ankle exercises and prepared ambitiously,” he said. “But Jinho hyung came. After his brother joined, he initially pitted the two of us against each other. On the first day, after seeing Jinho-hyung kicking, I decided to just fall in. very naturally. Jinho hyung’s kick has gotten better than before. It’s really too sharp and accurate,” he said, happily conceding a dedicated kicker.

Thanks to the combination of Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho, Incheon became a team looking at a higher place. Lee Myung-joo said, “The goal is that the coach said to finish in third place. From now on, it’s up to the players. I hope to beat Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai a lot this year. I want to torment you more. The goal is to win the FA Cup. It is a tournament, so if we are greedy, we will be able to compete for the championship.”

Incheon’s first appearance in the ACL is also expected to be good. Lee Myung-joo said, “It is to risk the pride of the K-League. It is the result of the efforts of all members. I want to go as high as I can without finishing easily. Now, our team also needs to change their perception. We need to become a team that can go to the ACL and win championships.”

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