Myongji University coach Lim Sang-wook, “honorific, Daewoo other coaches are teachers”

 “The honorific (with the manager) is different (laughs), and the treatment is different. If the manager is the role of the mother, the coach is the role of the teacher.”

From January 2023, Myongji University hired Im Sang-wook as a new coach. After retiring from Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, coach Im Sang-wook, who had been the manager all along, moved to Myongji University as a coach. Instead, Myongji University coach Oh In-joon took over as manager of Hyundai Mobis. It’s like they switched places.

Jeong In-ho said, “(Coach Lim Sang-wook) is a very good person. He is like an older brother and an uncle, and I feel that he is a person with a passion for basketball,” he said.

Eom Yun-hyeok said, “He approached me warmly and he is a certain person when I exercise and when I don’t. When you are resting, you can rest comfortably outside of exercise. Should I say it’s a joke when I exercise? When I need to add one thing, even if I think I can stop, he says I have to add more and he tells me to do everything.”

During winter training in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, he met coach Im Sang-wook and heard his impressions of being hired as a coach at Myongji University. The following is a Q&A with coach Lim Sang-wook.

I am a coach at Myongji University.
It was a job he had always wanted to do. After thinking about it for a bit, I made the decision right away. It’s so much fun. Teaching players is fun in itself. 안전놀이터

He worked as a manager at Hyundai Mobis for a long time.
My manager and I have many good memories at Hyundai Mobis. Wearing 4 champion rings. It’s hard to wear one, but I received one as a player (2012-2013 season), one as a player and manager (2013-2014 season), and two as a manager (2014-2015 season and 2018-2019 season). He knew the atmosphere of being a champion and also experienced it. When I coach, I try to create that kind of atmosphere.

What is the good mood to win?
The players have a clear sense of what they want to achieve, and they don’t give up.

Foreign players play a big role in KBL.
A foreign player is a piece. It cannot be said that he could win the championship only with foreign players. Since there are 5 players, the domestic player plays defense and the foreign player scores.

I took a leadership class while watching coach Yoo Jae-hak lead the team.
that’s the mood He carefully pointed out each and every thing, such as the promised life of having to eat breakfast unconditionally, even when exercising. In order to do that, there are steps to build the necessary things one by one.

How do you apply that to Myongji University?
First of all, I tell a lot of stories to the players. When I first watched the Myongji University game on video, I didn’t do anything to the end. If you make a mistake once, it’s over. I didn’t go through the process of coming down and defending after making a mistake. Even when I first came, I didn’t have the basic posture to finish. It’s not that I lack skills, it’s that my mindset is wrong, so I correct them one by one.

How was it when you came back to Myongji University?
It was cold (laughs). It was cold then, and it is still cold now. When I came back to Myongji University, I saw the phrase that practice is the only way to live, and I thought I was back. Because I did not give up and did it to the end, I did not give up on this path until the end of my days as a player. Looking at the fact that I was in the position of teaching the players, I came this far with one thing that I did not give up.

As I said, I almost quit playing after transferring from Gyeongbuk Science University to Myongji University. After entering Sangmyeongdae without giving up, I came back to Myongjidae.
When I came to Myongji University, I felt new and grateful. I am grateful that I came back as a coach after being a player, and that I was able to do what I dreamed of. When I was a player, I moved from the second division of Kyungbuk Science University to the first division (Myongji University), and now Myongji University, where I came from a manager to a coach, is an inflection point and a turning point in my life.

You have to assist director Kim Tae-jin well.
I am so happy that you asked me to do what I wanted to do and asked how I was doing. I have to learn and adapt, but rather, they adapt to me, so I learn from watching them.

To be honest, the overall performance of Myongji University’s players is inferior to that of other universities. We need to improve their skills so that they can play in the pros.
In pro, other players can attack, and there are foreign players as well. At Myongji University, a player who puts an emphasis on defense in detail and can throw when the opportunity arises will be a player who can be used in the pro. A coach should do that. When I was at Sangmyung University, I usually threw 300 shots, but the reporter said I had to throw 500 a day (to go pro). After that he threw 500 each. Dribbling and technical skills are innate. If you practice and feel your shots, it depends on who throws and how many times.

I am training with the athletes.
So good. I’m living a happy life because it’s what I wanted to do. I see what the players are trying to do. So good.

What is the difference between a manager and a coach?
The honorifics are different (laughs), and the treatment is also different. If the manager is the mother, the coach is the teacher.

What kind of leader do you want to be in the future?
It is ambiguous to say in one word. I want to become a persistent leader without giving up first. Rather than being a certain leader, I have to adapt to the team. Each player should be good at something, and create a combination based on their strengths such as shooting, defense, and fast attack. When it comes to Hyundai Mobis, it is defense, so I think we should emphasize defense first. Skills must be strengthened through individual practice, defense must be organized, and mindset must be based. A coach can do that. The most basic will be emphasizing defense.

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