Mun Jeong-hyeon’s sense and range of activities, the decisive factor that made the difference between Korea and Japan

The sense of Mun Jeong-hyeon (Korea University senior) shined in the match against Korea and Japan as well.

The Korean men’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as Korea) defeated the Japanese men’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as Japan) 81-61 in the first game of the 46th Korea-Japan College Basketball Selection Tournament (formerly Sangbaekbae Lee) held at Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 19th. won Including the 2019 event, the men’s collegiate selection team has won three in a row.

Few current토토사이트 college guards have the combination of wide vision and passing sense. There are many guards based on his magnetic attacks. In other words, it means that not many players can control the entire game.

So, head coach Jeong Jae-hoon, the head coach of the men’s national team, said, “There will be situations where (Moon) Jeong-hyun has to manage the game,” and expected Moon Jeong-hyun’s basketball sense.

Moon Jung-hyun raised the pace from the start. And as a small forward, he bridged the inside and outside of the basket. He was sometimes a point guard, relieving the physical burden of guard resources.

Moon Jung-hyun’s greatest strength is his high basketball IQ. He used his basketball intelligence to play his part where needed. In particular, he led the team’s offense by inducing foul free throws in the paint zone. Korea, which was almost pushed back, finished the first quarter with a score of 25-22.

Park Moo-bin (Korea University senior) started as a point guard in the second quarter. So Moon Jung-hyeon took his place between the baseline and the elbow. His post-up or face-up confused his own matchup.

However, Moon Jung-hyun could not take a break. Head coach Jung Jae-hoon resigned Moon Jung-hyun to the bench. There seemed to be a gap, but Lee Kyu-tae (Yonsei University sophomore) and Lee Kang-hyeon (Chung-Ang University junior) filled the gap for Moon Jeong-hyeon. Korea widened the gap with Japan 34-25 in 4 minutes and 14 seconds from the start of the second quarter.

South Korea was ahead of Japan even after that. I was able to let Moon Jung-hyun rest for quite a long time. Leading 40-33 was also of great significance, but Moon Jeong-hyeon’s break was of great significance.

Moon Jeong-hyeon, who took a break, came back in the third quarter. He reacted cleverly to Japan’s 2v2 and broke the balance of Japan’s defense with screens and post-ups. Both offense and defense moved smartly.

A meaningful scene was created in 3 minutes and 43 seconds from the start of the 3rd quarter. Post up after confirming the mismatch. After inducing cooperative defense, he passed to Park Moo-bin on the right wing. Park Moo-bin connected with 3 points. Korea was able to run away with 51-37.

Moon Jung-hyun’s defensive rebound and judgment after the defensive rebound also stood out. Following the outlet pass and timing adjustment, the 1:1 confuses the Japanese defense. Korea, which confused the Japanese defense, ended the third quarter with a score of 65-49.

Moon Jung-hyun vacated his seat again at the beginning of the 4th quarter. However, Korea was strong even without Moon Jung-hyun. Park Moo-bin showed a difference with Japan with two 3 points, and other players stopped Japan’s counterattack with strong physical fights and concentration on defense.

The gap between Korea and Japan has widened. Director Jung Jae-hoon did not put Moon Jung-hyun in. Moon Jung-hyun’s last appearance in Game 1 was in the 3rd quarter. However, he recorded 11 points, 10 rebounds (attack 1) and 4 assists even after playing for only 23 minutes and 48 seconds.

Thanks to this, the Korean bench gave many opportunities to players who did not get playing time. That is a wise decision for all Korean players, including Moon Jung-hyun. This is because we have to deal with Japan on the 20th and 21st as well.

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