More goals than ‘Mbappe-Neymar-Messi’, who the hell are you?

There is an attacker who is receiving a brilliant light in the French Ligue 1 this season.

Paris Saint-Germain, the symbol of Ligue 1. Three of the best strikers in the world gathered here. Riomel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe안전놀이터. However, the main character is not among them. He is Stade Reims forward, 21-year-old Divine Polarin Balogan.

Balogan joined Arsenal’s first team in 2020 after coming from Arsenal Youth in the English Premier League. However, he only appeared in two league matches, and was loaned to Middlesbrough and is currently on loan to Reims.

He currently leads the league in scoring with 14 goals. He is ahead of Mbappe (13 goals) in 2nd, Neymar (12 goals) in 4th and Messi (10 goals) in 9th. Reims is enthusiastic about the scene where a 21-year-old young striker surpasses the best striker in the world.

In this situation, the British ‘BBC’ focused on the balogan.

The media started, “An English youngster from Reims has scored more goals than PSG’s big three. Have you ever heard of an English youngster destined to give Arsenal a positive headache?”

“Many football fans’ eyes are on Balogan. He is a player who cannot be underestimated. He is responsible for 54% of Reims’ league goals (14 out of 26 goals). There is no striker who has a lot of weight,” he explained.

The director’s praise was also not missing. Manager William Stillims said: “Balogan is a perfect striker. He scores goals with a high level of performance. His decisiveness is very good.”

The reason for the greater interest in Balogan is that he belongs to Arsenal. Arsenal are currently at the top of the English Premier League. It is a status that should return to Arsenal someday.

Balogan expressed his deep affection, saying, “Arsenal is my family. Arsenal promotes brotherhood and unity to me.”

He added: “When I go back to Arsenal, it will be a better place to compete than before I left. I realize there are difficulties for me, but I think this is also a good thing.”

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