Modric of the K-League, Shin Jin-ho’s goal “I want to win in Incheon

 Shin Jin-ho (35, Incheon United), who was the best central midfielder in the K-League 1 last year, is shaking the game of the league.

Shin Jin-ho left Pohang Steelers through the winter transfer window and wore an Incheon uniform. Shin Jin-ho’s transfer transformed Incheon into a ‘strong team’ at once. Fortunately, with Lee Myung-joo holding on, he was able to build the best midfielder in the league. It is evaluated that they have an ultra-luxurious lineup with foreign players such as Zerso and Mpoku joining. The dominant analysis is that it is worth competing for 3rd or 4th place in the league with objective power.

That’s why Shin Jin-ho’s skills are outstanding. Just looking at his performance last year, he stood out by far. He was a midfielder who had no shortage of offensive passes, accurate kicks, and defensive power. “I always believe that we can improve. He doesn’t even feel physically detached. I play in the K-League, but there are world-class players older than me. I especially like Luka Modric. Without management, it is difficult to achieve that level of quality. I don’t know how to manage them, but I get inspiration and courage from watching those players. I am trying to do better training, rest and thinking. Last year, I received a lot of love and praise. get more whipped It motivates me,” he said, taking Croatia’s Modric as a role model and telling the story that he is gaining strength even in his mid-30s.

It is an unexpected choice. The former team, Pohang, also presented good conditions, and Incheon is a citizen club with a relatively poor environment. Shin Jin-ho said, “In some ways, I think I might look like a crazy person. But I am a sincere person. I love soccer. Unintentionally, I went back and forth between several teams. Fans may be disappointed and not feel good. As a person before being an athlete, I know the emotion well토토사이트. However, I have a principle that I think a player must have a heart for the team. I transferred several times, but when I left the team, I tried to make a choice that did not deviate from the principles. It is the same this time,” he said, saying that he came to Incheon to take on a new challenge as a player.

Shin Jin-ho’s joining makes everyone in Incheon laugh. Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan said, “The two players are maintaining unchanging performance worthy of their reputation. Breathing also has benefits. Fits well. Last year, what our team regretted was the share. I wanted to take it higher. This year, I think it is a combination that can upgrade the contents,” he said, expressing satisfaction. Lee Myeong-joo, who reunited with Shin Jin-ho on the same team for the first time in 9 years since his time in Pohang in 2014, also said, “When I train, I think a lot of ‘Oh, this is it’. I also learn a lot. After leaving Pohang, I also felt like my football rhythm and tempo had been diluted a lot. After Jinho-hyung came, I reflected on my passing, control, and movements, and I’m looking for the tempo again.”

Incheon, which was called the remaining king in the past, is now considered the strongest dark horse in the K League 1. The goal is not set to ‘remain’ as in the past. It is quite high, such as 3rd place in the regular league or winning the FA Cup. Shin Jin-ho said, “I think we can achieve better results than last year.” He felt he was going for a strong team. I am looking forward to how good I can achieve after I join,” he said. “I want to try winning a championship in a team called Incheon. It may not be this year, but with the current mood and heart, I think it’s possible. I hope that this atmosphere will continue unbroken in the future. I will also get older, but I want to continue my career as a player with the mindset that I want the team to grow further.”

Shin Jin-ho also expressed his apologies to director Kim Ki-dong, who was hurt while leaving Pohang and moving to Incheon. He said, “I admit that the director is sad. I want to say sorry whenever we meet. I didn’t answer the phone, so I couldn’t call after the transfer. If we meet at the stadium, I want to say hello. “Thank you,” he said, “but I don’t want to lose to Pohang. I will do my best to compete in good faith.”

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