Man Utd, negotiations with Kim Min-jae are still… Kim Min-jae option is also open

It is news that there are other clubs interested in Kim Min-jae besides Manchester United.

Rumors of Kim Min-jae’s 스포츠토토transfer are burning hot every day. The team with the strongest connection is Manchester United. Man U sent a scout to Naples to observe Kim Min-jae from the middle of the season, and it is a team that was reported to be aiming for Kim Min-jae even when the winter transfer market was open. Man Utd’s interest continues even now ahead of the summer transfer window, and there are reports that Man Utd is trying to pay more than Kim Min-jae’s buyout to recruit Kim Min-jae. Recently, a report that Kim Min-jae’s side has started negotiations with Man Utd appeared and thrilled the fans.

Other news related to Kim Min-jae’s transfer was delivered. Reporter Luca Bendoni of Italy’s ‘Di Marzio’ said on his SNS, “The buyout clause for Kim Min-jae is still set at 45 million euros (approximately 65.6 billion won). “We want to raise Kim Min-jae’s buyout. Currently, a number of clubs, including Man Utd, are considering Kim Min-jae as an option, but there are no concrete negotiations so far.”

In addition to the actual Manchester United, news was heard that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) wanted Kim Min-jae, and Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were also connected to Kim Min-jae, realizing Kim Min-jae’s popularity. Recently, England’s ‘Cut Offside’ reported that Chelsea also jumped into the race to sign Kim Min-jae.

A number of teams are mentioned, but the one with the strongest connection is still Manchester United. Manchester United is in urgent need of reinforcement of center backs, and it is evaluated that it is better than Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea in many ways, such as participation in competitions next season and team situation.

Judging from the story that negotiations have not yet progressed despite the intense interest, it can be inferred that teams interested in Kim Min-jae are waiting for the period for Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause to be activated. It is known that Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause will be activated from July 1 to 15, and the amount is likely to be 45 million euros, as reporter Bendoni said. There was an argument that the buyout amount could change depending on the size of the club approaching Kim Min-jae, but recently it seems to be set at 45 million euros.

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