Lotte “Focus on details” after the 1st camp… 11 people including Cha Woo-chan ‘cut off’

The Lotte Giants have finished their first spring camp.

Lotte will return to Korea via Gimhae International Airport after completing the 2023 first overseas battery training in Guam, USA on the 19th. It has been 18 days since I left the country on the 1st.

Larry Sutton (53)슬롯사이트, Lotte head coach, said, “I am very happy to successfully wrap up the spring camp in Guam.” He continued, “I trained by focusing on the details of each part.”

In the second camp, there is a change in personnel. After returning to Korea, 11 players, including Cha Woo-chan (36), Choi Jun-yong (22), and Kim Do-gyu (24), will remain in Korea without moving to Okinawa, Japan, where the second camp will be held. Already on the 17th, Lotte returned to Korea for the first time with 5 members, including Na Won-tak, Han Tae-yang, and Jang Doo-seong. They join the training held at Sangdong Baseball Stadium in Gimhae.

Instead, Koo Seung-min (33), who had built up his body in Korea, will move to Ishigaki with the team on the 20th, and five pitchers, including Jeong Tae-seung (35), who will be in charge of this year’s playing coach, will move to Okinawa on the 27th to practice with KBO teams. .

An official from Lotte revealed the reason for the change, saying, “From the field training in Japan, the composition was mainly composed of players who will compete in actual matches in consideration of conditions.”

After returning to Korea, the Lotte team departs for Okinawa via Incheon International Airport on the 20th and moves to Ishigaki to have two practice matches with NPB Chiba Lotte.

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