Lindblom, who has both skills and character, now says goodbye to baseball

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Pitcher Lindblom, who was a 2019 Korean professional baseball MVP and was exported back to the United States, has announced his retirement from active play.

Lind Blum, who was loved for his great personality, said goodbye, saying, “He learned life through baseball.”

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Lindblom, who tied the record for at least 20 wins during his time at Doosan, won the league MVP and pitcher’s golden glove for two consecutive years, serving as Doosan’s ace.

[Lindblom/Golden Glove 2019: “It feels good. It’s an honor to be able to win the award among outstanding competitors such as Hyeon-Jong Yang and Kwang-Hyun Kim.”]

Based on the success of the KBO League, Lindblom, who returned to the major leagues and joined Milwaukee, has a fondness for it. We said goodbye to the ballpark.

“He’s been playing for the past 30 years and he’s learned more than just balls and strikes, hits and runs, wins and losses,” he reflected on his baseball life.

In response to a Korean fan’s comment, he directly replied ‘thank you’ and became a hot topic.

As he said, he didn’t come to Korea just to play baseball, Lindblom left a good impression as an exemplary player.

Even during his training, he is happy to approach fans and sign autographs.먹튀검증

He also left a heartwarming anecdote saying that the reason he couldn’t attend the ceremony was because he left his family to volunteer overseas.

[Lindblom/At the time of the 2019 MVP award: “My wife and I are currently doing missionary work treating refugee children in Jordan along with the doctors and nurses who performed my daughter’s heart surgery.”]

Most of them after returning to the big leagues Lindblom, a real ace who retired after living in the minor leagues, showed what true professional virtues are.

Korean fans will remember the name for a long time.

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