Lee Jung-hoo has exceeded 1 billion… How much will Woo-jin An and Woo-seok Go, the ‘best pitchers’, rise?

Lee Jung-hoo (25‧ Kiwoom), who is now chosen as the best hitter in the KBO League in name and reality, has stood out since his rookie season. The great thing is that the skill graph has been going up every year since then without any particular slump. It’s not easy to find a player like this all over the world of baseball.

In keeping with the upward trend of the skills graph, the annual salary graph naturally followed. Lee Jeong-hoo received 110 million won in the second year, breaking Ryu Hyun-jin’s 100 million won record, which was a new record in the second year. This was just the beginning. The 3rd year, 4th year, 5th year, and 6th year salary records were also renewed one after another with a large gap. Last year, the 6th year, the annual salary was 750 million won, which far exceeded the highest record in the 7th and 8th years.

It is certain that Lee Jung-hoo will set a new annual salary record in his 7th year. The annual salary of 750 million won is also high, but it is because there is a factor for the increase because of his good performance last year. After Lee Jung-hoo had already negotiated his salary, he left for the United States for personal exercise. More than 1 billion won is certain. It is his first salary break of 1 billion won as a non-FA player.

In this way, Lee Jung-hoo, the best beast, has received sufficient treatment and honor. Then, attention is focused on what the salaries of the best pitchers will be. Among the players subject to renewal of the annual salary, Woo-jin Ahn (24‧ Kiwoom) as a starter and Woo-seok Ko (25ㆍLG) as a bullpen are also considered. It is known that the agency has entered into salary negotiations, and attention is focused on the announced amount.

Ahn Woo-jin didn’t have to list records, he was just ‘the best’. And he has the numbers perfectly qualified for the salary increase.

Although the evaluation system is slightly different for each club, it is basically a structure that is advantageous to appear in many games. The same goes for any team. An Woo-jin threw 196 innings in 30 games last year. Even if his contribution in the postseason was received as a bonus, the number of 196 innings itself gives a foreboding of a significant salary increase. He pitched 196 innings, leading the league, so it’s hard to get a sense of how Orly he is. 스포츠토토

The same goes for Ko Woo-seok. Ko Woo-seok threw 60⅔ innings in 61 games last year. And he achieved a personal record of 42 saves and a personal best earned run average (1.48) at the same time. He did well and was consistent. It is also the type of record that the high school system loves.

Ahn Woo-jin received his first annual salary (150 million won) last year, following 48 million won in 2020 and 90 million won in 2021. When looking at the precedents of the high school performance system, he said that it is a strange contract if it does not go up more than double, and he is interested in whether it can go up to three times or more. Kiwoom has traditionally tended to be very generous in salary negotiations for players who have played MVP-level performances. Seo Geon-chang, Park Byeong-ho, Kim Ha-seong, and Lee Jung-hoo did the same. It was certain that An Woo-jin would follow him.

Go Woo-seok remembers that his annual salary rose to 220 million won in 2019 thanks to his outstanding performance, and then was reduced to 180 million won in 2021. The annual salary in 2022 is 270 million won. With a considerable impression expected, the club may be concerned about the fact that it is time to gradually think about free agents. LG has also set relatively generous salaries for players who have performed well in recent years.

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