LAA owner-president dismisses rumors of Ohtani trade “Are you going to PS together?”

Los Angeles Angels owner and club president once again denied rumors of Shohei Ohtani trade.

Ohtani has been constantly rumored to be traded for sale since last year. Ohtani gets his first free agent status after this season. Since he will be the first person to sign contracts with other clubs after advancing to the major leagues, interest in his destination is hot. Already, Ohtani is increasingly showing the skills to run toward a career high.메이저사이트

The reason why trade rumors are constantly raised is because of the team characteristics of the Angels. Even with Ohtani and Mike Trout, the Angels haven’t made the postseason in years. This year, there is still hope as it is ranked third in the American League West Division, but it is being harshly evaluated that it is not the championship. Last year, too, there was much speculation that the Angels would trade Ohtani and bring in key prospects to rebuild a new team. Last year, right before the trade deadline, there was actually talk of negotiations with Ohtani. However, in the end, the Angels did not release Ohtani, and he played for the Angels until the 2023 season.

However, Ohtani is receiving a bigger spotlight as a key player in the WBC Japan national team’s victory in March, and his pitching performance in the regular season is also unusual. For this reason, there are rumors that the Angels will use Ohtani, who is about to sign free agency, as a trade card. Ohtani is already the subject of interest from all kinds of ‘big market’ clubs. There are not just two teams that will offer contracts of astronomical amounts if Ohtani declares free agency. If the trade is made one step ahead of this, the profits the Angels will receive will inevitably be quite large.

However, Angels owner Arte Moreno and president John Carpino dismissed rumors of the Ohtani trade. In an interview with the New York Post, owner Moreno, who attended the MLB owner’s meeting, said, “We want to win. To win, we need Ohtani in the lineup. Perhaps the fans feel the same way.” . It is expected that the Angels will be active in free agent contracts this season.

Carpino also said, “We’re doing very well right now. The Angels’ goal is to go to the postseason with Ohtani. The team that Trout and Ohtani play together brings tremendous strength to the fans and the club as a whole.”

The ‘New York Post’ once again nailed down that there is no possibility of a trade at the moment, saying, “The probability that the Angels will trade Ohtani is currently 0%.”

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