Korean-American Dunning, after sleeping, the starting position is gone…Texas Long Relief Bullpen

Korean descent started this season as a bullpen pitcher.

American media, including the Dallas Morning News, reported that Dunning was removed from the starting rotation and demoted to the bullpen.

According to these media, Texas decided that it would be better to use Dunning as a long relief in the major league bullpen rather than sending Dunning down to Triple-A in the minor leagues.

Dunning played as a starting 바카라사이트pitcher until last year. He pitched 29 starts and had a 4.46 earned run average in 153.1 innings pitched.

But ahead of this season, Dunning was pushed out by the Texas Rangers when they acquired Jacob deGrom, Nathan Ivaldi and Andrew Heaney.

Dunning threw 19.1 innings in this exhibition game, allowing 11 runs (10 earned). Due to his hip surgery last year, joining the WBC Korean national team was unsuccessful. Dunning played as a bullpen pitcher in college and recorded an earned run average in the 2-point range. From his minor league start, he was primarily a starting pitcher. Dunning took the bullpen demotion calmly. “I’m very open to the bullpen,” Dunning said, according to MLB.com. “I’d like to start as a starter, but I’ll accept whatever the team decides if it’s the best way to use me. Either starting or saving can help the team.” As long as I’m happy,” he said. “I definitely have to get used to it (the bullpen), because you have to get used to it happening multiple times. It will take some time, but I think I can do it,” he said.

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