Kiwoom Lee Seung-ho, who kept his innocence and confidence

Last Children’s Day, Gocheok was the only game held. As a special day, Kiwoom invited Kang Hee-seung, a hearing-impaired student from Seoul Samsung School, as the first pitcher. Next to Kang Hee-seung, whose sound was hard to hear, there was a player sweating profusely as if he were playing a real match. It is Kiwoom pitcher Lee Seung-ho.

Due to the passionate teaching,메이저사이트 the practice took much longer than planned, and in the end, it ended only after Kiwoom club staff shouted “one last time” three or four times. What was more impressive was what happened after that. For Kang Hee-seung, who was giving an interview about pitching, Lee Seung-ho followed him from the underground practice range to the dugout and sat down right next to him. He created a comfortable atmosphere by asking and answering questions directly next to Kang, who had trouble communicating and expressing himself due to hearing difficulties. Lee Seung-ho returned to the locker room with about 30 minutes left before the start of the game.

This day was also an important day for Lee Seung-ho. Lee Seung-ho, who started the 2023 season in the 2nd group, ruined his first appearance with 3 runs in 2 and 2/3 innings against SSG on the 23rd of last month. He joined the first team again on Children’s Day, and he did not know when or how he would start. The cluttered atmosphere could have been unpleasant, but Lee Seung-ho did not show it. Hee-seung asked Hee-seung to show his favorite Ronaldo’s ceremony after he played well, and Lee Seung-ho laughed, saying, “If I go to the mound, I will celebrate after the inning. Hee-seung will also join us in the stands.”

The appearance of Lee Seung-ho on Children’s Day and the joint ‘heavy rain ceremony’ with Hee-seung did not materialize. However, in the following two games on Saturday and Sunday, Lee Seung-ho pitched scoreless pitches in a row. In particular, in the Sunday game, he took the mound as the second pitcher after starter Yokishi, maintaining a one-point lead over Kiwoom and winning the first hold of the season. Even after recording 10 holds and 10 saves last year, Lee Seung-ho himself, who is competing fiercely again this year, was a hold that restored his confidence.

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