Kim Yeon-kyung, who returned a break for the national team, goes to Turkiye with her juniors

‘Volleyball Emperor’ Kim Yeon-kyung returns the off-season break and continues to support the women’s volleyball team for the promotion. For Kim Yeon-kyung, ‘advisor’ was not just an honorary position.

Kim Yeon-kyung said,토스카지노“As a person in the volleyball world, I had an idea that I wanted to help develop volleyball, but the Volleyball Association (as an advisor) gave me a good suggestion.” “I’m still playing as a player, so some of you may be concerned about taking the advisory position, but I’ll try to help by conveying my experience to the players and coaching staff,” he said.

After putting Korean women’s volleyball in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Kim Yeon-kyung said goodbye to her beloved Taegeuk mark. She has retired from the national team and is focusing the twilight years of her playing career on her team.

Korean women’s volleyball is going through a transitional period after Kim Yeon-kyung’s retirement from the national team. Last year, coach Cesar took the helm and collapsed with a total loss of 12 matches in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), her first appearance, and struggled with 1 win and 4 losses in the World Championship.

The Korean Volleyball Association suggested Kim Yeon-kyung as her advisor during her preparation for this year’s VNL because of her rich experience in international competitions and her outstanding leadership. In a situation where Cesar’s joining the national team was delayed due to the team’s schedule in the Turkish League, Kim Yeon-kyung is helping new coach Han Yu-mi to support her juniors on and off the court.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “The first goal (as an advisor) is to make the national team perform better than last year in this year’s VNL and to show a much improved and developing image to anyone who sees it.” The long journey continues until the Asian Games. I want to help the players improve their condition and physical condition so that they can achieve good results in the important Asian Games.”

Kim Yeon-kyung heads to Turkey with her juniors on the 22nd to help her juniors even a little. From the 1st to the 4th of next month, she will accompany the national team’s 2023 VNL Week 1 schedule in Turkiye.

After failing to win the championship match last season, Kim Yeon-kyung contemplated retirement, but signed a one-year contract with her team, Heungkuk Life Insurance. She dreams of a ‘last dance’ at the top of the V-League.

She needs proper rest and preparation for the 2023-2024 season, but Kim Yeon-kyung prioritizes the women’s volleyball team until early next month.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I can’t continue with the national team because I have my personal schedule. When I first came to the national team as an advisor, I asked to see the players once or twice a week.” do,” he explained.

An official from the Korea Volleyball Association said, “Kim Yeon-kyung will personally return home after playing 4 matches in the 1st week of the VNL held in Turkiye with her team.” did.

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