Kim Seo-hyun’s fan spirit is cold despite tearful apologies, now is the time to prove your sincerity

cooler than expected

The reaction to Hanwha ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Seo-hyun (19), who caused controversy over SNS profanity, is not clearly improving even after a tearful apology.

It can be said that it is an example that shows what kind of path Kim Seo-hyun should take in the future.

Seohyun Kim made an official apology to fans on the 11th (Korean time). Prior to that, he visited the rooms of his seniors one by one and conveyed his apology.

She even showed tears in the process. It was a scene where we could see how severe her heartache was.

But even after her apology, her fan heart hasn’t changed much. There are still more people who are critical of Kim Seo-hyun.

It can be said that it is a guide that shows what path Kim Seo-hyun should take in the future.

Fans do not know how sincere Kim Seo-hyun’s apology is. Although she shed tears, it can be said that it is difficult to prove it with just that.

Ultimately, what 바카라she does next matters. You need to show through your actions that your apology is sincere.

If you consistently show that you are working on training and baseball with an exemplary and sincere attitude more than anyone else, then public opinion will change.

Kim Seo-hyun completed his normal training after his apology. Even then, it wasn’t enough, and he even took his bullpen pitching apart. He says it was an unscheduled training.

Since he didn’t touch the ball during his probation, he came out of the bullpen to make up for it.

It was a difficult training to do unless you have a strong heart. If he was an average player, he would have been exhausted from regular training alone. It’s hard to imagine him taking more training time aside after his tearful apology.

I think it was a bullpen pitch that made me want to believe that I was sincere in baseball. If Kim Seo-hyun continues to show faithfulness to baseball in the future, she will be able to melt the cold, frozen fan heart little by little.

Seohyun Kim is now standing on the starting line again. He used to be the first to run out when a gunshot rang out, but now he’s under the heavy shackles of being a fan.

From now on, he must be careful in every action and show a sober look. It is not a situation where he can be forgiven just because he is good at baseball.

Will Seohyun Kim be able to prove his sincerity through his actions? He said that sincerity is more important than tears. The only thing that proves sincerity is actions.

One mistake can be made by anyone. Kim Seo-hyun was given one more chance. His baseball life will change depending on how he spends this time.

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