Kim Min-seok “Irrespective of position, the goal of the 1st team”… Lee Tae-yeon “I will make a fastball that no one can hit”

10 KBO league teams are leaving for overseas spring camps one after another in three years to start tempering for the new season. The Lotte Giants will also head to the United States and Japan with a team of 47 players starting tomorrow. Among them, fielder Kim Min-seok and pitcher Lee Tae-yeon, who wore a Lotte uniform through last year’s rookie draft, were included. Both players expressed their aspirations to step on the first team stage this year by having a good spring camp.

Kim Min-seok, who joined Lotte with the 3rd overall pick in the first round of last year’s draft, expressed confidence, saying, “If there is a position that can play immediately as a first team, I can see the outfield as well as the infield, which is the main position.” Kim Min-seok’s greatest strength is his hitting. His performance in high school baseball last year (0.544 batting average, 27 hits, 1 home run) proves this. After graduating from Whimoon High School, there are always adjectives that compare him with Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom), who is 6 years his senior at the same school. Kim Min-seok said, “I am always grateful. However, there is no pressure to do well like this senior,” he said.

After wearing a Lotte uniform, Kim Min-seok joined Geelong Korea and gained experience in the Australian Professional Baseball League (ABL). He returned to Korea in the middle of this month for this spring camp. He expressed his feelings, saying, “I had high hopes for being able to participate in the camp, but I’m really happy to go.” His biggest concern is whether he will be intimidated among his seniors. He said, “I am an introvert by nature. He will adapt quickly and show me what I can do.”

During his high school days, Kim Min-seok’s main position was a shortstop. However, in the camp list announced by the club, he was named as an ‘outfielder’, arousing fans’ curiosity. He explained, “I was classified as an outfielder on the list, but the club said, ‘Try to show your skills regardless of infield or outfield.’”바카라사이트

Kim Min-seok is determined to develop his contact skills through this camp. He said, “When I was training at the ABL, I felt the limit as the ball I hit on a specific fastball course kept flying into the foul area,” he said. “I want to grow one step further in this camp.”

Left-handed pitcher Lee Tae-yeon, who was nominated by Lotte with the 53rd overall pick in the 6th round of the draft, expressed his strong aspirations, saying, “I will fully show my skills at spring camp.” He throws a fastball in the mid-140 km range and draws attention from fans as a timber to succeed the Lotte lefty lineage represented by Joo Hyeong-gwang Jang Won-joon. Lee Tae-yeon said, “I don’t have a grandiose goal yet to inherit the left-handed lineage. I think it’s a good start from participating in the spring camp,” he said. “I will show everything I can.”

Lee Tae-yeon cited ‘lack of control’ as her biggest weakness. He says that he has severe mood swings in particular. “Improving control is the most important thing right now,” he said. On days when I am not in control, my condition continues to deteriorate and I cannot easily recover,” he said. “I am focusing on balance training, such as standing on one foot and throwing a ball.”

Lee Tae-yeon set the goal of making a fastball that no one could match by further training his fastball, his main weapon. He said, “Senior Kim Jin-wook is my role model on the team.” I want to participate in this camp to build friendships and learn a lot.”

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