Kim Gwang-hyeon, Lee Yong-chan, and Jeong Cheol-won were disciplined for drinking and triple checked. The truth battle is up to the players 

Even Kim Kwang-hyeon, Lee Yong-chan, and Jeong Cheol-won’s WBC drinking excommunication disciplinary action went through triple confirmation. The rest of the truth battle is up to the players.

Card details, alibis for fellow passengers and movements, and a complete investigation of all players were conducted. If there are more problems, the rest is up to the players. If there are players who lied to the Investigation Committee and the Reward and Punishment Committee, it is their responsibility from now on.메이저놀이터

On the 7th, Kwang-Hyeon Kim, Yong-Chan Lee, and Cheol-Won Jeong, who caused the WBC late-night drinking scandal, received 40-80 hours of community service and a penalty of 3 to 5 million won from the KBO Prize and Punishment Committee.

On the 7th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the disciplinary results after the reward and punishment committee for SSG Kim Gwang-hyun, NC Lee Yong-chan, and Doosan Jeong Cheol-won for drinking late at night during the WBC tournament.

The Reward and Punishment Committee said, “After deliberation, the KBO, based on Article 151 of the Code [Damage of Dignity], visited an entertainment bar twice during the tournament and damaged the dignity of the national team player Kim Gwang-hyun, 80 hours of community service and a penalty of 5 million won, 1 time We decided to punish players Lee Yong-chan and Jeong Cheol-won who entered the entertainment bar with 40 hours of community service and a penalty of 3 million won, respectively.”

It is a milder punishment than expected by some initially, with the suspension of business trips missing. On the other hand, the act of drinking itself alone is weak in terms of punishment in terms of the code, it is difficult to effectively prove ‘social controversy’ or ‘damage to the dignity of the national team’ legally, and it is difficult to There is also an evaluation that it is appropriate in that it is not easy to lead to disciplinary action.

However, it is also true that there are many reactions that the level of disciplinary action is not satisfactory when compared to other sports or past incidents at the eye level of baseball fans and general public opinion.

Nevertheless, there were also aspects where it was difficult to impose strong discipline on the facts that were revealed.

It is true that the KBO was also seriously aware of this issue. Even inside the KBO, including President Heo Gu-yeon, fans and public opinion were sharing the critical mind. Even if you look at the process after the internal investigation committee was formed, it went through triple confirmation at the highest level in light of past cases where self-disciplinary decisions were made.

It was important to confirm that the most important time to drink was on the 7th, the day of the transfer of the players, and on the 11th, immediately after the end of the game against Japan.

It was confirmed that Kim Gwang-hyun entered and exited the site twice, on the 7th when the team arrived in Tokyo and on the 11th, immediately after the end of the game against Japan.

Also, the KBO revealed that Jeong Chul-won sat with Kim Kwang-hyun once on the 11th, and Lee Yong-chan entered the venue separately from the two players after the match against Japan on the 11th.
If so, what was the process of fact-checking?

On the 7th, a KBO official said, “We carefully investigated the case through various processes, such as listening to the circumstances through the manager of an entertainment bar in Tokyo, Japan, checking the card usage history, checking the person who was present at the drinking situation, and the individual movements of the players. It was judged that there was no other related drinking situation,” he said, explaining the detailed investigation process and basis for the judgment.

In fact, KBO is in the position that it not only confirmed the exact location and nature of operation through a wired phone call with the manager of the specified Tokyo entertainment bar, but also checked variously whether there were players other than three, including the time and date of players entering and drinking and the drinking process. am.

In addition, related players and hopeful players were asked to submit credit card usage details, which could be clear evidence, and face-to-face investigations were also conducted with intensity. In addition, as the circumstances at the time judged by the players were confirmed through a complex and diverse process, the investigation committee’s judgment that ‘there was no drinking the day before the game’ had the greatest impact on the disciplinary action without suspension.

KBO said, “Apart from this, the investigation committee confirmed through a total enumeration three times whether all of the WBC national team players, except for the two players playing in overseas leagues, entered the entertainment bar during the tournament. We confirmed that all 25 people, excluding Jung Cheol-won, were not allowed to enter the entertainment bar.”

The KBO judged that there was no additional involvement, unlike the initial report, as the club confirmed the specific movement of the players and received a fact confirmation letter after three rounds of enumeration.

If an additional problem arises, or if there is a new report that overturns the contents of the 3 people’s police report and explanation, and the rest of the 25 players’ fact confirmation document, the situation after that is now the responsibility of the players who lied to the end.

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