Kent, who fell from the ‘Hall of Fame’, expresses dissatisfaction “unfair voting”

Jeff Kent (54), who was eliminated from the 2023 Hall of Fame vote, expressed his feelings about being eliminated.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on the 25th (hereafter local time), Kent argued that “the Hall of Fame voting is a shameful way to scratch your head.”

He was eliminated with 181 votes and 46.5% of the votes in the previous ‘2023 Hall of Fame Vote’. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, he must receive at least 75% of the vote.

On this day, all candidates except Scott Rolen (47) failed to meet the conditions. Tot Helton (49), second in the vote, also scored 281 votes, 72.2%.안전놀이터

For Kent, this vote was his last chance. Although the vote rate increased by more than 15% from last year, in the end, he failed to enter the Hall of Fame.

Regarding his feelings of elimination, he said, “We are losing the best players at the time because of some people who did not vote. This is very unfair in my opinion.”

He also criticized in an interview with, “The Hall of Fame is still only interested in players who have caused drug and political controversies.”

Kent made his major debut in 1992 with the Toronto Blue Jays. After that, he went through the New York Mets, Cleveland Indians (now Cleveland Guardians), San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, and LA Dodgers, where he became a fan favorite as a ‘special’ second baseman.

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